Friday, October 2, 2009

Totes for the Fair...

If you’re going to the NY Art Book Fair this weekend you’re going to need a quality tote bag to carry your purchases home—or use of J. Morrison's custom screen printed manpurses. Mr. Peacock is always hauling pounds of books and magazines in some sort of tote bag. I showed some “Dream Totes” last January—here’s some of my current favorites.

Mr. Peacock loves the shape and size of these Phillip Lim tote bags. The orange one is very appealing, but I'd probably go with the blue-gray bag.

Gray waxed cotton and leather carryall bag make this Billykirk bag (on left) very appealing—and durable. The detachable shoulder strap makes it functional too. I also love the rubberized canvas tote (on right) with leather handles. It has snap closures on the top and sides, with an interior pocket.

This distressed horse leather bag has a beautiful worn patina and long handles to carry over your shoulder. You could fill this bag with art books!

Buffalo plaid is everywhere! I can’t help but like this Woolrich Woolen Mills wool buffalo plaid and leather tote bag. And who could resist this witty hot dog tote bag from the peacocks over at Fred Flare. I’ll have to add it to my dachshund goodies.

I like the looks of this hand made striped cotton tote with leather handles and detailing. Its simplicity belies its functionality—and it will only get better with age.

You might remember the Patch NYC peacocks from my posting in March. Their burlap and black denim tote bags are super durable. I know because I have one (with a smoking pipe hand-printed on the exterior) and I’m very hard on my tote bags. These bags are lined with vintage fabric and have an interior zipped pocket.

Mr. Peacock can’t seem to get enough of tote bags—there’s a pile of them in my closet right now. What kind of bag do you use—tote, satchel, messenger….or brief case?


Beth Dotolo said...

This is why I love your blog!

We love Don Carney and have several of his pieces here:

Grant K. Gibson said...

Loving your tote selections.
The JCrew rubberized canvas tote looks perfect (and with an interior pocket hat helps things not fall to the bottom).
Hope that you are having a nice weekend.

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