Monday, March 23, 2009

Style and Charm—PATCH NYC

Photo by Yoon S. Byun.

John Ross and Don Carney (above photo) started their company, Patch NYC, in the 1990’s and immediately garnered a dedicated following of clientele who adored their handmade scarves, purses, tote bags, hats, jewelry and other various sundries and dry goods. Mr. Peacock has known and admired these talented and creative gentlemen peacocks for quite some time now.
In addition to being hard working entrepreneurs, they consistently have had their own unique peacock style. I first met Don, through mutual friends, in the early 90’s, and then met John, through Don, in the mid 90’s. Whether they’re attending a formal function, hanging out with friends, or just running to the corner market to get some groceries—these peacocks shine. The home base of Patch NYC is currently in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Mr. Peacock salutes these modern gentlemen.

Mr. Peacock: How would you describe your style?
John: Grampa on the Range.
Don: Disheveled at the disco.

MP: How old were you when you consciously realized you were a peacock?
John: I remember having a very favorite shirt in pre-school! We lived in Hawaii and everything was big floral prints, but I loved this solid butter yellow pullover with black detailing.
Don: Five—when I got my first corduroy jumpsuit.

MP: Who's your style icon?
John: Diana Vreeland (above left)
Don: Cher (above right)

MP: Who has influenced your style?
John: My father had an appreciation for good fit, and Scottish wool cardigans in dark colors—which I can now say I admire.
Don: My mother—because growing up, no matter where she went, she put effort into everything she wore.

Above: Don, wearing a fitted blue blazer, and John, wearing his favorite vintage sweater—posing in their living room for the Boston Globe, in 2007.

MP: What's your favorite item in your entire wardrobe?
John: My vintage mohair sweater with the big argyle pattern.
Don: My Hermes spike watch (see photo below).

MP: Have you had any sartorial disasters that you can share?
John: After a late 80's trip to Italy I sported Fiorucci denim shorts with a paper bag waist, big white t-shirt a la Frankie Goes to Hollywood and black cowboy boots. I actually wore that to work at Z Gallery in Santa Monica. Scary!
Don: Bicycle shorts, blazer, combat boots in the 80's

Above: Don and John in their work studio; posing for the Boston Globe story—25 Most Stylish Bostonians of 2008. Right photo by Yoon S. Byun.

MP: Do you have a particular item of clothing you're obsessed with?
John: I can always convince myself I need another pair of shoes.
Don: Fitted navy blazers are my weakness.

MP: Do you wear vintage clothes or only "new" clothes?
John: I used to wear a lot more vintage but I just don't take the time to dig around anymore, so now I wear new clothes that look old.
Don: Rarely vintage, because my arms are too long.

Above, Patch NYC goodies, clockwise from top left: Silkscreen Owl Pillow on French burlap (16" x 16"); a pair of Boot Candle Holders cast in metal and gold plated with an antique finish; Beetle Tote hand-printed on French burlap and black denim, with vintage cotton lining; Workshop Collage Bracelet—plated charms and chain mixed with metal and crystal findings; darkened gold plated Thorn Heart Pin; silkcreened Pipe Pillow (16" x 16").

MP: Are there any menswear trends you abhor? Adore?
John: It bugs me when I see a man with a high crew neck t-shirt. I always want to reach over and pull it down. I'm also not a big fan of the dirty hair-haven't showered in a week look. Disheveled is fine, but stinky is a definite no. I really like it when I see a man who knows how to mix color and texture.
Don: I don't care for super skinny jeans on men with hips. I do like a man who looks slightly rumpled but put together at the same time.

Above: Don in Paris, wearing a navy blazer, in front of a selection of his intricate black ink line drawings, framed in one-of-kind vintage frames.

MP: Any dream item you are lusting for right now?
John: This changes weekly but right now I would love a Missoni multi-color sweater that actually fits my body shape.
Don: The perfect pair of jeans, a pair with a few interesting details without going overboard (no washes that are too busy).

Above: A view of John and Don's living room in their home, which you can see more of in the Small Spaces Issue of Readymade Magazine.

MP: What's your pet peeve with the way most men dress?
John: Not enough attention to fit!
Don: We live in Boston and most men's style is really conservative and boring. I think it’s great when someone cares about their style but they don't go too far with it...that's a big turn off.

Above: A tableau in their home.

MP: You guys are both tall, is that a hindrance when looking for clothes?
John: Sleeves are always a drag but I'm usually lucky with pants, which makes me wonder about shorter guys.
Don: Only in sleeve lengths.

Above: John, a few years ago, in their New York City studio.

MP: Do you wear jewelry? If so, what?
John: I like to wear a few of our necklaces at the same time...and I have a favorite Jill Platner bracelet that I wear a lot. I like to just put jewelry on and leave it there for a while as opposed to taking it off every night.
Don: I wear the jewelry that we design which is usually a necklace with assorted silver and gold charms and my favorite Ted Muehling bracelet that I've had on my wrist for eight years.

MP: When did you start Patch?
John: 1997?
Don: We're not sure! It's been so long!

MP: What's your favorite Patch item?
John: This makes me really take a trip down Patch memory lane. There are so many of our designs that I remember fondly but now my favorites are the one of a kind necklaces we make for our Hunter collection (see photo above)...we use vintage findings and piece together sterling chains and each piece is completely unique and most are unisex.
Don: Our striped linen crinkle scarves (see photo below) for Patch NYC spring 2009. It's rare that we design something we can actually wear so we're really enjoying that. It's nice to promote our work simply by wearing it.

MP: Morning or night person?
John: NIGHT!
Don: Morning.

MP: How long have you been together?
John: Um...
Don: 15 long years.

Above: One of Don's line drawings, buy this beautiful crab here.

MP: What city has the best-dressed men?
John: In the last 15 years, we've been to Paris the most—usually for trade fairs that really bring out some stylish folks. I'm always amazed at how great the men dress there—the colors and the fit! Even the policemen wear these sexy fitted jumpsuit things that are hot—so not like the police here or NYC.
Don: Of the cities I've been to, I'd say Paris. The men there always look put together, and it seems so effortless.

Above: Don and John, ages ago, posing in Mr. Peacock's previous dining room.

Mr. Peacock would describe John and Don the same way—always put together and seemingly so effortless. These Patch NYC gentlemen are busy too! In addition to running Patch NYC, they also have a Patch blog, and recently had their lovely home featured in a various publications including, French Elle Décoration magazine. Thank you John and Don!


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What a great profile. I have a few Patch pieces and love them!

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Love it (them) (you)!

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Great profile- I met Don last December at a show in Boston and really enjoyed talking to him. Amazing style- I went home and check out the website to see the amazing art- I knew it would be fantastic.

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Creative & HOT!!!
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Mr. Peacock said...

Thanks everyone...
Yes, the Patch boys are stylin'.

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I love their stuff! So great to know more about them.

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