Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Belts—Just like Honey

A beautiful honey colored leather belt should be a staple item in any gentleman’s wardrobe. With minimal care, these brown beauties will improve with age—turning a deep caramel color. You can find nice men's belts at most chain stores, however, for the same price, you can invest in a handmade American belt. The quality is unsurpassed—plus, you're supporting our economy and American craftsmen. Here’s a few of Mr. Peacock’s favorite honey colored belts.

The Wiley Brothers, in Charlottesville, Virginia, exquisitely handcraft their leather goods—and this equestrian inspired Classic 4-loop Belt is no exception. More information here.

Tanner Goods produce handmade leather products in their Portland, Oregon workshop. This slim Skinny Standard Belt is perfect for those trousers and jeans with smaller belt loops, click here.
The heavyweight English Bridle leather combined with the unexpected black hardware, makes this classic Standard Belt, also by Tanner Goods, a unique beauty. Buy one here.

Billykirk leathermakers was founded in 1999 by brothers Chris and Kirk. This Double Collar Button Belt is deceptively simple, and "looks equally good with jeans or Harris tweed trousers." Buy one here.

This Claw Buckle Belt, also by the brothers at Billykirk, has an amazing buckle inspired by a vintage horse harness. Order one here.

This classic Regular Belt is handmade by Corter Leather—a one man shop in New England. The nickel and nickel plated hardware is removable, so you can change the buckle if you like. Order one here.

This Anchor Belt belt isn't from an artisanal leather goods company, however, Mr. Peacock included it because of it's charming brass buckle. It's on sale here.

With minimal care, a quality hand crafted leather belt will last a lifetime and actually improve with age. If you're a "black belt only" kind of guy, don't fret—many of these honey colored belts are available in other colors too.

What color belts do you wear?

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