Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Money Clips versus Wallets

Do you use a money clip or wallet to carry your money? Mr. Peacock prefers a wallet that has a pocket for change—so your loose coins don’t clink around in your pocket. Money clips seem very old school to me. My father always used a money clip, and it was usually a commemorative Governor’s Cup money clip—a golf tournament he would play in every year. He didn't like the look or the feel of a bulky wallet in his trouser pocket, and preferred having his bills in an organized bundle—secure in a compact money clip.

I think some men who use money clips don’t really use coins either—my father disliked having any change on him. In San Francisco, many of the parking meters are twenty-five cents for five minutes (or less), so you need some loose change, at least when you’re driving and parking. Although, you could keep a stash of coins in your car—just for expensive parking meters.

Mr. Peacock swoons over the money clips that you can engrave with your monogram—like these classic Tiffany money clips.

Hermes has many elegant silver money clips with their iconic “H” incorporated into the design.

These money clips would be suitable for any gentleman. Mr. Peacock likes the clever “steering wheel” money clip, in the middle.

These money clips are both functional and a great value.

Mr. Peacock’s ideal wallet has a place for bills, cards, a pocket for money, and a zipper around the entire piece—like these handsome wallets in black or brown.

Comme des Garçons has some very fun colored leather wallets that zip-up—like this embossed bright green wallet.

This relatively slim wallet has a place for cash, cards and coins, but it doesn’t have a zipper—just a snap to keep it closed shut.

Mr. Peacock likes the pebbled leather of this Il Bisonte wallet.

These wallets by Jack Spade are more traditional in their structure. Mr. Peacock likes the wallet with embossed anchors, on top. The black wallet has a snap coin pouch.

What do you use—a money clip or a wallet? And what pocket do you keep it in—front or back, left or right?


kelly jo said...

i have been looking for the perfect wallet that holds at least two denomonations of currency from different countries and has a zipper pouch to hold coins. the one I own from Two's Company like that has worn out :( if you come across something let me know...

Elvis Depressley said...

I switch back and forth between a money clip and a wallet. It depends on where I'm headed, or what I decide to carry. If I'm headed to a concert or a place where I will be seating most of the time, I take my essentials (credit card/ID, cash) and put them in a money clip in my front pocket. For other occasions like a concert, or other, I usually bring my wallet, and keep it in my back pocket while standing. I hate having to seat on my wallet, and tend to just carry it in my hand, or if I have a bag with me, I just toss it there for the time that I'm sitting.

As for coins, I don't use them a lot! I keep them in my car coin compartment, and at the end of the day, I toss them in a jar.

TJB said...

I think wallets are terribly bulky, and no matter how thin, they always bulge out in your pocket. I use a money clip for cash, and a very slim card case for my ID and credit cards, which I keep in my breast pocket.

Change? Never carry it.

tula said...

as a gal who carries around everything single piece of anything with her, money clips make no sense to me.

Brent said...

I use a monagrammed Tiffany sterling money clip instead of a wallet daily. I strongly disagree that you are only paying for the name with Tiffany. Their quality is excellent and their service is superb. The salespeople are knowledgeable and courteous, and if you make a purchase, even as modest as a money clip, you are treated like royalty. I was simply unable to find a better value elsewhere.

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PowerStarVoice34 said...

I personally like the money clips because its easy to handle. For men, at least is that all we need is money and id. Guess What? The only negative is the business card aspect because if you are meeting potential clients then you are screwed.