Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hog diggity, dog diggity...

The dachshund is one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the United States. The dachshund aka wiener dog, hot dog, sausage dog, and doxie, was originally bred to catch rats. Their long bodies with short little legs have long been inspiration for art and home décor. Over the years I’ve owned a few vintage wiener dog planters myself. A little bit of kitsch goes a long way, but just a tad can be charming—especially in a modern interior.

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Here’s my wish list of hot dog goodies that pay homage to this little four legged friend:

1) This playful little brass dachshund placecard holder would make your dinner guests smile.

2) Yes, this trio of wiener dogs on this dachshund tote may be a bit campy, but it could be a fun tote for carrying your goodies from the farmer’s market this summer.

3) Mr. Peacock loves this wire dachshund garden topiary frame. It would be chic as an objet de art, resting atop of your Saarinen table.

4) The dilemma—black or white? These sleek stylized ceramic dachshunds would make a nice accent piece.

5) This traditional rectangular dachshund needlepoint pillow would look great on my transparent Eros chair by Philippe Stark.

6) You can find lots of vintage depictions of wiener dogs. This vintage Dachshund letter holder has a hole in the back for a pencil (tail).

7) This vintage black cast iron dachshund bottle opener would be a chic and charming addition to any bar.

8) Andy Warhol was a fan of wiener dogs. At one time, he owned a pair of dachshunds, Archie and Amos, who he depicted in his paintings, and frequently mentioned in his diaries.

9) This little dachshund lamp could be a welcoming beacon of light in your hallway when you come home late at night.

Mr. Peacock is allergic to dogs, but if I wasn’t, I’d probably adopt a handful of blind rescue dogs with three legs.


Years ago, Mr. Peacock attended the Dachshund festival in Washington Square Park, in New York City—which is always held in May. The highlight of the festival is the group singing of a special Doxie song (above). If you’re looking for a dachshund (or any specific) breed of dog there are many wonderful rescue dogs available here.

Do you own any kitschy dog ephemera?


Anonymous said...

Originally bred to catch badgers! Love them-- so much heart and so much personality. I love all the dachl memorabilia you've posted.

jason said...

I'd like to own a (living, breathing, barking) dachshund actually. :)