Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sleeper Style—Woody Allen

When I was a kid, my family would frequently go to an Italian restaurant owned by a friend of my dad’s. It was in the mountains in an area called Genesee Park, not far from our house—maybe a 20 minute drive.

On the drive there, I would always daydream in the back seat as we drove past the grazing Bison in Genesee Park (above)...

...and the Sculptured House nestled high atop Genesee Mountain.

The Sculptured House looked like a giant clamshell hiding in the evergreen trees. I would always imagine who lived there, and what the interiors looked like...and that I lived there.

The Sculptured House was originally built in 1963, and almost went into foreclosure this past month.

Woody Allen used the house in his 1973 movie, Sleeper

He filmed Sleeper entirely on location in the Denver, Colorado area. The title is in reference to the classic science fiction novel science fiction novel The Sleeper Wakes by H. G. Wells—which deals with a man in suspended animation who awakens in a dictatorial future against which he rebels.

Sleeper is a futuristic science fiction comedy about a nerdy Manhattan jazz musician and health-food storeowner, Miles Monroe (Woody Allen), who is cryogenically frozen without his consent, and revived 200 years later.

It is all part of a plan called the “Aries Project” to use Miles as a spy to infiltrate and over throw the dictator. The authorities of this police state discover the plan and want to kill Miles.

Miles escapes by disguising himself as a robot (above) and goes to work as a butler in the house (the Sculptured House) of socialite Luna Schlosser (Diane Keaton). Luna decides to have her robot’s head replaced with something more “aesthetically pleasing” and it forces Miles to reveal his true identity.

As an adult, I appreciate and like the humor of Mr. Allen, but as a kid I didn’t understand the jokes. But it was fun seeing my childhood church used as a futuristic McDonalds in the film (above).

I’m not sure who the architect was of my church, but I know skateboarders liked to ride the roof.

You don’t have to be asleep for 200 hundred years to own your own tuxedo!
Click image to enlarge.
1) This slim fit ten-pleat white tux shirt is a classic, and would look just as good with a tux as it would worn casually with your favorite jeans.
2) Every gentleman peacock should own a tuxedo at some point in his life. You won’t look like a robotic butler in this dapper 2-button tuxedo with peaked lapels.
3) Woody Allen has his trademark “nerd” glasses. You can have your own trademark specs too—these chic 2-tone glasses are far from nerdy, but would standout from the crowd.
4) You’ll always know the date and time with this sleek futuristic Microtimer watch.
5) A classic black silk bow tie is timeless!

In Sleeper, Luna’s house (the Sculptured House) was decked out in white, but Mr. Peacock thinks a black sofa would be more practical.

Click image to enlarge.
1) This white-on-white pendulum clock, sans numbers, reminds me of a full moon with numbers. The modern green “pendulum” hypnotically sways back and forth.
2) Six lights, on a diffuser, fill this organic shaped Atomium suspension light—it looks vintage and modern at the same time.
3) Free-form shapes create this On the Rocks sofa in black. It would be perfect for lounging on—now or in the future.
4) This Alexander Girard reproduction Moon Pillow, homage to the USA space exploration circa 1972, is also Mr. Peacock’s homage to Sleeper’s Luna.
5) Chrome and Carrara style marble are a timeless combination, and this round marble coffee table would look great with a modern or traditional interior.

If you’ve never seen Sleeper, or just haven’t watched it in a long time—Netflix it today. There are many classic “Woody Allen” scenes in Sleeper including the scene with the "orgasmatron," an enclosed closet that induces instantaneous orgasms at Luna’s house party.

Above: Mr. Peacock loves this reproduction French poster of Sleeper.

Maybe Apple will develop an iGasm to rival Woody Allen's imagined orgasmatron? What’s your favorite Woody Allen movie?



Great post Mr P!
You're right...clamshell hiding in the evergreen trees~ Surrealissimo!! ps: Glad you are back darling!

cybeel said...

i love anyone loves Woody Allen :p
His movies are brilliant but i think i'd say "The Purple Rose of Cairo "

Lauren Chattman said...

My parents took me and my two younger sisters to see this when we were little. I remember them screaming with laughter at the orgasmatron. I think it's hilarious that they considered this a kids' movie. I miss the 70s.

David Toms said...

That house is fabulous, and I love the fact that that super sylish modern house is set in the woods.

david john said...

your postings are always so thorough and impressive. what an incredible house, and to almost go into foreclosure. so sad..

all the best!

david john

wecouldgrowup2gether said...

hes one of the reason why ny is ny

Cheap Men Suits said...

I love Woody Allen and I want to wear two button tuxedos and make movies.

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