Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When the lights go out…

My sister Samantha’s power has been out for over a day. Terrible storms ripped through her neighborhood in Colorado the previous night—blowing out windows, uprooting trees, leaving a few inches of hail, and knocking power lines down. You never know when an emergency could knock out your electricity—and my sister only had a few candles in the house at the time.

These candelabras could light up a room quite nicely during a power outage.

This Scandinavian candelabrum is cleverly designed, and can be coordinated in various configurations from a single candle holder... an eight candle candelabra.

It comes neatly packaged in a box, which is perfect for stowing away until you need it for your next dinner party—or power outage.

Mr. Peacock has been a fan of glass artist Jeff Zimmerman for quite some time (as well as this Peacock), and I’m completely infatuated with these serpentine light sculptures in black hand-blown glass.

These elegant candle holders are stunning in large groupings.

And equally stunning as a pair. They’re available in clear, white or black. The black glass is my favorite.

This Mystic Candleholder, designed by Arik Levy in 2005, can be used as a candleholder or a vase…

…or objet d'art.

It comes in 2 heights—8” and 17”. A special accessory set is available (7 extra pieces) that allow you to further construct your candleholder sculpture. The Mystic candle holder is available in clear, silver and gold.

Do you use candles, or have back-up candles at your home? If you don’t have a candelabra (or hurricane lamp) invest in a nice one today—don’t wait until a power outage.


maison21 said...

owning a mass of the black snake candelabras is now necessary for my happiness; but sadly "price available upon request" is always a guarantee that happiness is forever out of my reach...

Patrice said...

Those are unique and elegant design of candle holders.

MJ said...

My candelabras have more of a Gothic feel to them.

Very atmospheric!

feefee said...

Mr. Peacock, I like your style! Those black candlesticks are gorgeous. Great find! Muaah, FeeFee
PS Saw your sneak peek on Design Sponge and love your home too. Thanks for sharing. X