Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Peacock in Denver

Steven Trujillo is a peacock entrepreneur in Denver, Colorado, who lives his life to the beat of his own drum. This unique peacock started his career as a dancer, then began designing clothing, and through serendipity ended up in the hair industry. He's been a successful hairstylist for 29 years, and a business owner for 27 years. Steven's owned his current salon, El Salon, for 21 years. He's continually renovating and updating his Victorian home in the Baker neighborhood, and filling it with an eclectic collection of artwork and unique home furnishings. The garden is a testament to Steven's creative vision and passion to create his own oasis. This peacock is fearless when it comes to his wardrobe, and has a soft spot for the color gray.

Above: Steven at home wearing a Number (N)ine shirt and pants, a vest from Harputs Market, and Silver Gucci sneakers.

Mr. Peacock: How would you describe your style?
Steven Trujillo: Costumes—every day something different.

MP: How old were you when you realized you were a peacock?

ST: When my mother dressed me in polyester and I didn't like the way it felt on my skin, so I decided I wanted to make my own clothes.

MP: Do you remember your favorite wardrobe item as a child?
ST: A hat similar to a fedora.

Above: Damir Doma Spring/Summer 2009 Collection—it takes a moment for the introduction to begin.

MP: Do you have a favorite menswear designer or brand?

ST: Gareth Pugh for women and Damir Doma for men. (see video above)

MP: Do you have a particular item in your wardrobe that you're currently obsessed with?
ST: One of my favorite stores in Denver, Heidelerg Antiques, imports jewelry from Germany and I found a watch chain that I wear as a necklace that is laden with animal parts.

Above: Steven's necklace, reminiscent of something Native American, is comprised of different charms made from animal teeth and claws.

MP: Who or what has influenced your style?
ST: I was a dancer in the 70's so I like to express myself in disco wear.

MP: What's your favorite item in your wardrobe?
ST: Number (N)ine tights.

MP: Do you wear vintage clothes or only "new" clothes?
ST: I wear it all.

MP: Who is your style icon?

ST: David Bowie, in his time.

Above: A peaceful and romantic vignette in Steven's garden.

MP: Morning or night person?
ST: Both; I love to go out dancing at night and also love to get up early and garden.

MP: Do you wear jewelry? If so, what?
ST: Yes. One of my best friends was a jeweler and she would make me pieces all the time. I told her once that I felt it wasn't fair that only women could wear pearls so she made me a beautiful black pearl necklace.

Above: Steven's video tour of his wonderful home and garden—to view larger click here.

MP: Tote bag or satchel?
ST: Both; depends on the outfit.

MP: What would be your dream purchase right now?
ST: Biomorophic Lamp by Jeff Zimmerman.
(see photo at right)

MP: Any menswear trends you adore?
ST: Androgynous trends, and menswear with a romantic, soft feeling.

MP: How has your style changed or evolved over the years?
ST: As I get older I see the new looks but feel I am getting to old to wear them.

Above: A tiered deck in the garden.

MP: What do you generally wear to work?
ST: My outfits start with "who do I want to be today"; romantic, a color theme, Rock & Roll.

MP: How would you describe the state of men's style in Denver right now?
ST: It's getting better. I like that straight men are starting to jump on the fashion bus.

Above: The exterior and interior views of Steve's latest renovation—the sun room.

Mr. Peacock wants to move into Steven's sun room, that overlooks his lovely garden! If you live in "the Mile-High city," or are just traveling through, be sure to stop by El Salon in the Washington Park neighborhood and get your hair cut and styled. Steven also thought it would be fun if his friends answered the style questions in reference to how they view his style. To find out what his friends think about his style—click here. Thank you Steven!


kelly jo said...

What an inspiration! Especially in a place like Denver. Steven is DEFINATELY a peacock!

Rene Schaller said...
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Rene Schaller said...

Giambattista Valli is a good example for a guy who's masculin with a pearl necklace.... now a know that he's not the only one with such a good taste in juwelry and the boldness to wear pearls. excellent taste!

So Lovely said...

Oh he has the most beautiful house and garden. I love his sofa and all the antique garden treasures.

Uncle Beefy said...

Yeah...color me jealous over Steven's home! So well done! Stylish without being overdone...which is always refreshing. Feels so warm and personal. Great feature! Very inspiring!

Momma said...

I've known Steve for 24years! He is definitely a peacock and beautiful both inside and out! I have a photo of him with long curly hair, turquoise bandana and another of him in a rubber swim suit complete with goggles! Ahhhh, to be with such good friends again at Las Brisas in Acapulco at our Cassa Bonita!

Anonymous said...


You are awesome! I loved surfing the web and viewing the articles and videos. It looks like Denver is finally open to your incredible creative genius. I know this has been your path for many years and you have finally been open to receiving. How does it feel?


Ruby Slippers said...

Hey Steve, this is Jan and I've been trying to send you a photo. I'm on FB JanisCoxFordAhern. friend me so I can say hello. I miss you terribly. Just remembering you and our 40th birthday party in Acapulco. God, how did we get this old.

Your place is BEAUTIFUL. .xxxooooxxxxooo

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