Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Going Back to the Old School

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1) Mr. Peacock loves these vintage inspired bookcases! They look like they should be on the back wall of a second grade school room filled with little snow boots and lunchboxes. The detailing on these modular units is nice too (see detail photo below right). Of course they would be great in an office, but I think they would be handsome in kitchen too. More information here.

2) Watchin’ the clock until the school bell rings…this old school style Newgate Clock would be great in either a traditional or modern interior. Order one here.

3) How about a big shiny apple for your teacher? This 1960's pop art apple ice bucket will make any teacher happy. More information here.

4) Who needs old school encyclopedias when you have Taschen’s complete reprint of Arts & Architecture from 1945-1954—ten years, ten boxes, 118 issues. Each box contains a years worth of the groundbreaking magazine, which launched the Case Study House Program. Buy a set here.

5) You’ll learn more than the ABC’s with these 1920’s Vintage Brass Stencils. They would be great for customizing and labeling your vintage bookcase, or stenciling gift boxes. This set would also look interesting framed; highlighting the beautiful patina and shape of each letter. Buy this set here.

6) This desk lamp looks like it could have been in the studio of some Constructivist poet or artist. It would look equally great on your vintage oak desk, or a modern Ikea table. More information here.

7) Mr. Peacock loves this vintage inspired and hand forged, iron desk with a leather top. It would make a chic bar table, tucked in a corner of your living room. It can also be adapted with large filing drawers, if you choose to use it as a traditional desk. More information here.

8) This old school postal messenger bag is a little pricey, but it will last a lifetime. The patina of the leather will darken and get richer looking as time goes by. Buy one here.

9) Do you remember Big Chief Tablets or Pee Chee Folders? Sometimes eBay has some vintage school supplies, check here. Everyone loved Crayola Crayons as a kid. Mr. Peacock's favorite crayon color was silver. What was your favorite crayon color as a child?


Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

Love the desk. Need the desk. Want the desk.

david john said...

my favorite color was brown.

drab, huh?

ayem8y said...

My favorite crayon is Blue-Green. The very color of a Peacock. I still keep one handy for circling the items in the Sears Wishbook.