Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Anchors Away...

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The anchor motif usually pops-up during the summertime—evoking the ocean and sandy beaches. (I sure could use some ocean and sandy beaches right now!) It’s long been symbolic of the Navy and Marines. So many young sailors get a tattoo of an anchor during their service. You don’t have to join the Marines or get an anchor tattoo to incorporate something nautical into your home or wardrobe.

1) Mr. Peacock likes the antiqued brass buckle on this anchor plaque web belt.

2) This sterling silver anchor ring would also make a great over sized charm on a piece of leather string.

3) An anchor pillow could add a touch of nautical charm. This cotton pillow, with grommets detailing on the corners, is also available in navy.

4) A gentleman peacock needs a good pair of navy cotton socks, especially with white anchors emblazoned on the side of each sock.

5) In a sea of flip-flops, you’ll easily spot these orange flip-flops with emblazoned with a white anchor.

6) A classic summertime belt—white grosgrain ribbon with anchors.

7) This wool anchor rug would be great in an entryway. It’s available in a dozen custom colors, but I like the classic pairing of navy and white.

8) Mr. Peacock doesn’t wear much jewelry beyond a watch and cufflinks (as needed), but when the mood strikes I’ll don an occasional necklace under my shirt. This mini anchor charm necklace by Patch NYC would fit the bill.

9) This Japanese indigo bandana with an anchor motif would be a great staple item for any peacock’s wardrobe.

10) I can’t leave out my favorite “anchor”—Anchor Oyster Bar. It’s been in The Castro for over 30 years. The interior is clean and understated, with just the right amount of nautical vibe. I love the old school combo-seafood salad with Louis style dressing. On the weekends there's always a bunch of folks waiting outside for a table to open up at this tiny seafood joint.

What's your favorite seafood joint? I hope everyone is having a good summer!


Rene Schaller said...

I love your blog :-)))


Mr. Bluehaunt said...

I WOULD like to incorporate more nautical in my decor...(like maybe a sailor)....
I actually just wrapped a heating pipe in thick nautical rope...very rtero as well..

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