Thursday, July 9, 2009

Keep Calm, and Carry-Ons…

Traveling can be stressful for various reasons. Having a carry-on bag that works with your specific needs can alleviate some air travel annoyances, and help keep you calm and collected.

My father always traveled with his alligator carry-on bag (above in Palm Springs). I don’t know where it ended up—probably lost in some high-stakes poker game. I have a couple of his kangaroo leather duffle/gym bags. I rarely use them, because I don’t want them to wear out (for sentimental reasons).

This kangaroo leather duffle/gym bag (above) was my father’s, probably from the early 1960’s. It’s black with metallic gold piping. It’s all kangaroo leather—which is super durable and lightweight. It looks like it could be a Marc Jacobs bag with the scale of the zipper (below) and it’s styling.

If my dad liked something, he would buy multiples of the same item. He always had a bag in this duffle/gym style for traveling to golf tournaments. I ended up with two of these hand-me-down bags in the exact style and colors, but one is a few years older. I wish I had used my dad’s strategy of buying multiples of favored items and products, because so many of my favorite things have been discontinued over the years.

I can’t afford an alligator bag like my father used. This alligator bag, with a detachable handle, is similar in style to my dad's carry-on...and it’s the price of a small car.

Here’s a faux (vegan) alligator bag with a similar silhouette, but a considerably lower price tag (and it's on sale too).

Mr. Peacock loves this boxy leather carry-on trolley bag in pebbled leather with a blue lining, and hidden wheels! Most carry-on bags with wheels and pop-up handles aren’t very attractive, but this bag has a simple elegance.

It comes in a honey brown...

...and red too!

This limited edition Fred Perry bag is a functional and sharp looking bag…at a reasonable price too. It's made of PVC with contrast piping and has an embedded metal laurel leaf logo on the bottom corner.

This rugged duffle style bag would only get better with age—as the leather gets a bit weathered a beat up a bit.

If your taste is a bit more refined, this luxurious zip-around pebbled leather carry-on bag would fit the bill—not too big, not too small...just right.

Mr. Peacock is very practical when I’m flying. I use an oversize LL Bean tote with a zipper top...

...or my blue canvas (with brown leather trim) zipper top tote that was a sample product on a gig I was working on.

What do you use as a carry-on bag when you’re traveling by air?


Pigtown-Design said...

I have a great tot from Ballard Designs that's jute with leather handles. It's got a zipper and holds a ton. The jute is coated on the inside, so it's water-proof. I also have a Swiss Army black messenger bag that holds a ton.

TJB said...

Love the red and honey brown pebbled leather. Oh, to not be in a recession any longer...!

For day/short trips, I use a bag roughly the same size as those, in brown canvas and orange leather. It comfortably holds a toiletry case, an extra set of unmentionables, camera, iPod, etc. For extended vacations, a roomy carry-all in dark grey Taiga leather, which can fit all of the above, plus an extra pair of shoes, a clean change of clothes, etc.

Anonymous said...

I started an orange leather binge a few years ago because it's my favorite color. I rationalized by saying I'd always be able to spot my bags.

I went with Floto, so it's the Casiana tote every day with the Piana and Venezia for travel.

I didn't order all at once, so my everyday bag is a darker tangerine than the bigger bags.

I hauled everything out for a trip and friends called me a high queen. I choose to believe that's a compliment.

Mr. Peacock said...

I like to use a tote bag
with a zipper too—
the jute sounds interesting!

I'm always in admiration
of fellow travelers
with colored leather goods.

Orange leather and orange leather trim
have always been appealing to me,
but I haven't taken the plunge
yet and added something
with orange leather...

David Toms said...

If I am going on a short trip I always carry my Pan Am messenger back. Always makes me think of a time when air travel was less hurried and not frought with all the rigmarol it is today

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