Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lounging on leather & chrome…

A late pal of mine, Lee, frequently liked to host huge house parties. The first time I attended one of his parties was in the late 80’s. I took my plastic cup of beer and made a beeline for his pony skin Le Corbusier lounger. I thought I was sitting in some comfy and chic amusement park ride—every now and then someone would slide the recliner back and forth as I held court on this modern throne.

Decades later, I chuckled when I attended one of his parties and watched a trio of young party revelers carrying-on and lounging on the same pony skin chaise. It reminded me of how much fun I had discovering that classic chaise years earlier. The chair only got better with time too—it withstood the abuse from decades of house parties and spilled cocktails.

There’s something very masculine about a leather & chrome chaise, although I admit I prefer the vintage models. Some of the new chrome and leather chaise lounges seem cheap to me—unless they’re made with high quality materials. Unfortunately, that usually means a higher price, but a quality chaise lounge chair can be an investment piece that lasts—like my friend’s Le Corbusier lounger.

This vintage 1920's chaise lounge designed by Mies van der Rohe reminds me of a chic lawn chair—but for indoor use. This beauty in gray leather is vintage, but you can still order new models (I love the red leather).

I like the curved arc of the arm, which was inspired by rocking chairs from the early 20th century.

Here’s another another vintage Mies van der Rohe lounge chair. I could see this in the office of Mad Men (or my apartment).

I love the warm patina of the brown leather in contrast with the cool chrome.

This leather & chrome chaise is new, but you can clearly see the Mies van der rohe inspiration for its clean sweeping curve and tubular tufted leather.

The leather is distressed to look vintage. I haven’t tried it out yet, but it looks very comfortable.

This modern Italian chaise has a unique silhouette—it’s part chair and part chaise. The flat end of this leather & steel chaise, if it were at my place, would quickly become a receptacle for books, magazines, and the Sunday Times.

The clean lines of this vintage leather chaise lounge by Harvey Probber chaise (produced by Brayton International) are very appealing to me. It would look great in a modern or traditional room. I want to relax on it right now and read all of my treasured back issues of Gourmet Magazine!

Mr. Peacock loves the gentle patina of the honey colored leather.

I think this new Grasshopper Chair has a very elegant and sleek silhouette. It would be perfect for any gentleman peacock.

The combination of canvas, leather, and chrome make it very modern and timeless.

I’m not sure if I prefer this chaise in black, natural, dark brown or cognac leather? It's very chic in the natural (above), but I think the cognac would be more practical.

This vintage 1960’s Danish reclining chaise lounge would be perfect for Sunday afternoon catnaps.

The wine colored leather is very masculine, and the detailing is nice too.

Mr. Peacock loves this boxy Italian 1970’s tufted leather chaise. It would be divine in my living room!

It reminds of a chic vintage psychiatrist couch that could have been in a movie with Marcello Mastroianni (playing the shrink of course).

I would love to lounge on this vintage leather chaise and listen to “Songs of Couch and Consultation” from the late 1950's by Katie Lee (the folk singer from Arizona, not Billy Joel's ex). The songs are a tongue in cheek and spoof psychoanalysis. You can sample a few of the songs here, including “Will to Fail” and “Repressed Hostility Blues.” Fantastic lyrics too!

You don’t have to have the “repressed hostility blues” to appreciate a well-designed leather and chrome chaise lounge.

I know leather & chrome can seem very cold, but mixed with the right elements it can be warm and appealing (above-the Mies van der Rohe chaise)—and so comfortable too. Do you have any leather and chrome pieces at your house?


Jill said...

I really love the Italian chair/chaise!

MJ said...

I can see myself on that Mies van der Rohe lounge chair with Don Draper on top of me.

pve design said...

I want some now.
Some leather and chrome and a little therapy area!

verrot said...

Love the tufted Italian couch, divine. I enjoy a chrome and black leather chair by Matteograssi, and do think that when combined with right elements chrome and leather pieces are very welcoming indeed.

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