Monday, October 26, 2009

Tagged—Lucky 7...

Two creative ladies with panache tagged Mr. Peacock last week...

The very talented Patricia, at PVE Design, nominated Mr. Peacock for a “Kreative Blog Award.”

And the ever-crafty Sherie, at Skitzo Leezra Studio, nominated Mr. Peacock for a “One Lovely Blog Award.”

Thank you talented ladies!

In turn, Mr. Peacock is sharing 7 random bits about himself and tagging 7 other bloggers. So here goes:

1) My first set of golf clubs (at age 2)...came in a little red plaid golf bag (above). While my dad would practice hitting golf balls on the driving range, I would hit my golf balls (I think they were ping pong balls) nearby. When my dad would pick-up his huge black golf bag...I’d pick-up my little red plaid golf bag and put it over my shoulder.

2) I won a medal for speaking Russian in 8th grade at the state Olympiada (an all day Russian language competition for 8th-12th graders held on the campus of University of Colorado, in Boulder). During one segment of the daylong competition, you randomly drew a category. I drew “my family.” You then had, I think, an hour to write and memorize a 5 minute speech in Russian on the topic you drew. My amazing Russian teacher coached me to speak slowly (I normally talk very fast), and if I stumbled to calmly say, “Just a minute please (in Russian, of course). The speech segment was in a large auditorium in front of a panel of judges and you were scored on your accent, grammar, et all. Ironically, I didn’t want to compete, but my teacher bribed me by telling me he would give me an A for the entire semester if I participated in the Olympiada. It worked out; I got an A and a Silver Medal.

3) I’ve never really been a star chaser, but I do have Sammy Davis Jr.’s autograph (I liked his song,
The Candyman, from Willy Wonka when I was a kid—go figure see #6). He played in a golf tournament that my father played in—President Gerald Ford’s Golf Invitational.

Above: Sammy's autograph—this was actually for my mom. I had Sammy's and his wife, Altovise's autograph, but I gave my autograph book away to a friend years ago (who was really into celebrity autographs).

I was probably 13 or 14 years old, and I remember towering over him—he was so little. His wife, at the time, Altovise, also towered over him. Me and my younger sister, Samantha, had “VIP” passes (because my dad was in the tournament) so we could walk just about anywhere unrestricted at the tournament—so we could get close-up and pester the celebrities. President Ford was more difficult, however, because he had secret service men all around him.

4) Mr. Peacock loves any kind of lemon dessert...

5) ...probably because I’m allergic to chocolate.

6) I’ve never liked candy either! Again, maybe if I could taste chocolate, it would be a different story. But I loved the original Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory movie!

7) This is my favorite letter in the Cyrillic alphabet (along with the entire alphabet above). This letter, zheh, is supposed to be inspired from looking down on a beetle (the shape)...the sound of this letter is zhur…sort of like Zsa Zsa (Gabor). I love typography, and I think the Cyrillic alphabet is what initially attracted me to the Russian language (see #2). I’m not of Russian decent either.

Thanks to all of the fellow bloggers for the tags and fun awards.
Mr. Peacock was also tagged last May.

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Ask someone you know to share 7 bits about themselves that you don’t know, and in turn share 7 things about yourself. Happy Monday!


pve design said...

Fun random bits! Thanks for sharing...that little golf bag is darling and that zheh is sharp!

Susan said...

Congrats on all your blog nominations - your curiously eclectic taste in others' blogs is also greatly appreciated x

Jill said...

Thank you for the tag...I didn't even know you looked at my blog. I'm honored!

Zheh is very beautiful. I can see the beetle!

Lemon curd...oh my!

SkitzoLeezra said...

Mr Peacock - my just gave me some HOMEMADE lemon curd! It is fabu.
Thanks for participating in your award hoop jumping.

SkitzoLeezra said...

My MOM, that is.

ThankYouForAsking said...

I have just discovered your blog and am delighted to see you live in San Francisco (I live here as well and also have a blog). I enjoyed the list about yourself and your tags.

jason said...

Oohhh...I can not even come close to a Sammy Davis Jr. anecdote!
Too cool!

But I shall do my best to come up with something!

Daniel-Halifax said...

wow thank you! i didn't even know you read!

Jill said...

I did my 7 and threw in an extra for good measure.

Christine said...

Oh!! Lemon

I'll see if my Great Aunt will share an old family recipe for what was called "lemon snow" it's a very lemony whipped meringue, served in a dessert glass and I'll send it on.
Very best from Victoria BC

Irina said...

(Ж) !!! I like this letter too :)
Жук (zhuk) - beetle in russian.

I'm russian.

subscribed to your blog!

Cialis said...

Sammy Davis Jr is amazing, he really was an outstanding person, he also was a funny guy, his humor was great.

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