Monday, October 19, 2009

Checks from Head-To-Toe

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Buffalo plaid, buffalo check, checked, plaid…whatever you want to call these patterns—Mr. Peacock likes 'em. The colors of these checks and plaids (blues, grays, blacks, and creams) always seem to have a vintage aura to me—which I find appealing. Maybe it’s because I had a favorite Pendleton shirt jacket in black, blue and gray when I was growing up? I probably wouldn’t wear these patterns head-to-toe—although I joyfully did in my 20’s! They look fantastic mixed with solid dark and muted colors.

1) Boxers or briefs? Well if they’re plaid boxers, then the answer would be boxers.

2) These slim checkered trousers would look great with a nice cozy wool cardigan sweater, or a gray wool coat (at right).

3) Mr. Peacock adores this plaid quilted jacket. It has a retro vibe, but leave it to Paul Smith to add a purple lining. My shirt jackets growing up just had black linings. I also like the pointed collar detail that allows you to wear the collar up or down (at right).

5) I grew up wearing many shirts similar to this Woolrich buffalo check wool shirt. It was a staple wardrobe item during the autumn and winter months growing up in Colorado.

5) Slip these black and white buffalo plaid socks under a pair of zippered boots.

6) And like every teenager, I had many inexpensive plaid flannel shirts—some new (usually holiday gifts) and some scored at thrift stores. They only get better with age too—soft and cozy! I think just about everyone has a flannel shirt or two somewhere in their closet.

Did you grow-up with flannel shirts, Pendleton plaid wool shirts, and wool shirt jackets?


pve design said...

my son has a penchant for plaid.
love these....
you have an award on my blog post today!

VictoriaArt said...

It is so interesting to follow the guidance above and see something lovely, plaid and unexpected!
I was fascinated by your detailed S.F.earthquake post. I knew it only from the books....
Congrat on the award!


Skitzo Leezra said...

Dude, looking at all the check and plaid is like fabric porn to me!
Thanks. Thanks alot.

maison21 said...

i have a special love for plaid pants (because of vivienne westwood bondage pants, not gold, btw) so those plaid pants are calling my name.

they are also saying "don't buy me old man, you'll look silly"... ;-)

Kitchen Benchtops said...

Love the outfits you chose to share. So sophisticated and so wearable!