Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Boots that zip up!

As a kid, I wore desert boots year round—year after year. Now as an adult, I also wear a variety of boots year round—although not just desert boots. I adore boots, whether they’re lace-up, pull-on, button-up, or zip-up, it doesn’t matter—I just love a good boot. Boots actually get better with age too—once they’re broken in and get a nice patina. Maybe your father or grandfather has an old pair you can acquire or borrow from their closet. With the exception of hip waders (when we’d go fishing), my dad didn’t wear boots, only lace-up shoes. So I didn’t inherit any broken-in boots, but I’ve found a few good pairs on eBay over the years.

This year, there seems to be so many wonderful boot styles for gentlemen peacocks—whatever style you like: casual, dressy or work wear inspired. I like the way lace-up boots look, but I prefer the ease of boots with a zipper (or a combo of both). Here’s some of Mr. Peacock’s favorite boots of the season with zippers.

These burnish-brown leather side-zip "desert boots" are at the top of my wish list. I would wear these with everything from jeans to suits.
I love the clean silhouette and the authentic looking weathered patina.

These faded black leather boots are quietly modern with the continuous center zip. They're from Damir Doma (I think it’s there swan song season too).

Pig skin leather is layered in panels on this modern zipper-back boot—also by Damir Doma.

These cognac brown side-zipper boots would be a versatile addition to any peacock’s shoe wardrobe...

...as would these beautifully simple black leather diagonal side-zipper boots.

This leather front-zip style boot is chic with the leather pull on each zipper.

I think I like the brown color better, although the black boot is nice too.

Above left to right: The cordovan colored rear-zipper hunter boot with strap is both rugged and refined. I think this well-crafted boot would look great with jeans or even a tweed/wool pant tucked in; these chestnut brown suede boots with a zipper-back (with sheepskin lining) remind me of desert boots—I guess because of the crepe sole.

Mr. Peacock loves the color of these double-zip gray suede lace-up boots.

These suede side-zipper boots with buckles and white leather soles look comfy—and they remind me of my black leather back-zipper biker style boots (see farther below).

This high calf boot with a back zipper and top snap also reminds me of my back zipper boots (below) sans the buckles. I like the glossy black sheen too.

This season, Mr. Peacock will be wearing his high calf zipper-back boots with buckles from a few years ago (that remind me of the glossy black boots above, and suede boots farther above)...I usually wear these with khakis, corduroys, or jeans, and tuck them into the top of the boots.

...and my old APC Chelsea style boots that zip-up in the back. These are incredibly comfortable and look great with everything.

Admittedly, quality boots can be expensive—but with proper care, a good men's boot will last for years. Think of boots as a wardrobe investment and pick a style that you love, and take care of them.

What kind of boots are you going to be wearing this season?


pve design said...

Funny- when I met my (now) husband, he had a thing for zippered up boots, that had a very "James Bond" Allure to me. I love them and have a pair in the most wonderful chocolate suede.
I think I may now need a new pair and for the hubs too.

Luxury ties designer said...

I love the boots here!a wardrobe essential for this winter!

ayem8y said...

I have an old pair of the softest glove leather zipper ankle boots by Bally. I absolutely love them. They are also good for tucking my pants in and playing Captain Kirk.

Ellie said...

motorcyle boots.

Grant K. Gibson said...

I better just shine up the couple of pair of boots that I already have- because I love the $949.57 half calf with back zipper. Why do I always pick the $$$$ ones?

tula said...

i need to get my man in those diagonal black zip boots. yum.