Monday, May 4, 2009

It's a Plaid, Plaid World!

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Spring is here, and plaid/tartan is everywhere...mostly shirts and shorts. Here are a few plaid/tartan items, minus the shirts and shorts, that are on Mr. Peacock’s wish list right now.

1) Woolrich Woolen Mills creates classic American products with simplicity and authenticity—and this Plaid Vest is no exception. This vest would be great worn over a chambray shirt and khakis while hitting the pavement in the city, or with a t-shirt and shorts while walking through the woods. More information here.

2) This Plaid Lightweight Hooded Cotton Windbreaker is such a great piece—and it’s on sale too! Buy one here.

3) Mr. Peacock loves this Late Regency Mahogany and Caned Library Chair with a tartan seat cushion. The castors would make it a great desk chair! More information here.

4) Every gentleman peacock needs a pair of Belgian Loafers...and why not a pair of Gray Plaid, with Black Trim, loafers! Order a pair here.

5) Pulling your calling card out of this Antique Tartanware Card Case would be very chic. The tartan is “Stuart” and originates from Scotland from around 1880. More information here.

6) Want to add just a bit of tartan to your outfit this spring? This Plaid Web Belt would do the trick. Buy one here.

7) This Antique Tartanware Tea Caddy would make a great addition to Tartan Scot’s collection of Tartanware! Mr. Peacock loves the shape, and the dual storage compartments—originally used to store tea. It would be great on any gentleman’s dresser to store your watches, cufflinks, and other trinkets. More information here.

8) This cover of this Rizzoli book, Tartan-Romancing the Plaid, has an iconic image of Linda Evangelista’s from the Steven Meisel plaid story photographed for Harper’s Bazaar in the early 1990’s (loved those images). There are many books on plaid/tartan, but this one would be a nice addition to your library. Order one here.

What plaid are you wearing this spring?


MJ said...

Mistress MJ usually agrees with your impeccable taste (aside from the clown toile) but we must agree to disagree when the talk turns to tartan.

Plaid is bad.

I shall distance myself from this trend, particularly Burberry.

I’m sure this can all be traced back to an unpleasant childhood memory regarding a set of bagpipes.

tartanscot said...


I feel it is my duty to defend the honour of the tartan. Plaid is beautiful.

maybe I can trace it back to delightful memories of bagpipes in Scotland. lol.

MJ said...

Although I DO like men in kilts so perhaps I could learn to embrace tartan.

Pigtown-Design said...

LOVE a man in a nice tartan kilt... or even one in a dull green utilikilt!

GrannySmithGreen said...

Oh yes! Love the plaid. Tartan: always classic.


I've been known as the Tarty Tartan & that's alright by me...