Friday, May 1, 2009

Fit to a Tee...

I don't know about you, but Mr. Peacock has a closet full of way too many t-shirts. And I’m still always on the lookout for another great t-shirt to add to my collection—the softer, the better too!

I can almost smell the ocean when I look at this Dune Grass T-shirt—it makes me want to walk barefoot on the beach.

Mr. Peacock has a soft spot for the Fred Perry laurel wreath—and it looks handsome on this t-shirt. I also like this grey griffin t-shirt.
This doodle t-shirt takes me back to drawing with a blue Bic Ballpoint pen in junior high school science class. These illustrations of random antiques and strange collectibles are a bit more sophisticated, however, than my junior high scribbles.

This pair of shirts reminds of the summer of 1984. The neon yellow and blue palm trees t-shirt, has kind of a homemade feel—which is fun and very 80's. The black t-shirt with white dots looks like big galaxy of stars. It also makes me think of stippling my clothes (jeans and t-shirts) with bleach in the 80’s. It looked cool, but your garment smelled like bleach for a few washings.

I like the graphic simplicity of the "hills" on this t-shirt.

This squirrel playing the drums t-shirt makes me laugh. It’s silly, but it would be a great t-shirt for lounging around the house on weekends. It also comes in different colors—more information here. Mr. Peacock loves the “Scorpio” t-shirt on the right. They stock every zodiac sign, but I didn’t like the graphic for my sign, Gemini—but maybe I could become an honorary Scorpio. The placement of the graphic on the shoulder is a nice touch too.

Graphic and black & white: a horizontally striped t-shirt, or a faded “Moorish” ironwork pattern t-shirt would look sharp.

Good ole Paul Bunyan says “goodbye nature” on this super soft organic cotton t-shirt. More information here.

How about an iconic converse sneakers t-shirt, or a line-up of owls t-shirt?

This is my favorite t-shirt. After thousands of washings it’s become paper-thin and super soft; the ink is cracking too. I’ve seen The Smiths numerous times in concert, but I never bought a t-shirt. I found this on eBay for $2 about nine years ago. I probably wear it too much...but it’s so comfortable.

What’s your favorite comfy t-shirt?


ayem8y said...

Well I’ve mentioned a certain red T-shirt from Aspen before but I have two concert T-shirts that I love. I saw the Rolling Stones in New Orleans in 1979 when I was just a kid and bought a black T-shirt with the red mouth on it that I wear at least once a month. I saw U2 in Baton Rouge in 1987 and bought the Joshua Tree black T-shirt and again I wear it once a month.

My favorite would be a white T-shirt with an Indian wearing sunglasses from Benetton back when they made cool graphic Tees for men. It’s ripped to pieces so I shrined it off in a special place in my closet. It reminds me of the 1980’s when times were fun and also reminds me to wear something cool every now and again.

Elvis Depressley said...

I rarely wear T-shirts, only around the house. I do happen to love my Morrissey Quarry Tour black tee, is very comfortable and holds sentimental value as well. Excellent choice on the Smiths shirt!

MJ said...

I heart my Wienermobile t-shirt.

jason said...

an old I Love NY tshirt now faded into oblivion. It just makes me remember that trip, my first.

I love your selection up there, especially that blue Bic doodle shirt.


That's the beauty of cotton- the more we wash the better & yummier it gets...I adore The Smiths graphic!
~Lovely weekend to you dear!!

Petulia said...

Love them! A good t-shirt is such a good statement. I recently purchased one from and it's so funny- I cannot wait to wear it

Christina - said...

I have a favorite Smiths shirt as well... I reconstructed it from something I found on ebay. BTW I love that dune grass t-shirt. It looks very huggable.

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That's the beauty of cotton- the more we wash the better & yummier it gets...I adore The Smiths graphic!
~Lovely weekend to you dear!!

Gaun Pengantin Muslimah Terindah 2015 said...

I love your selection up there, especially that blue Bic doodle shirt.