Thursday, May 7, 2009

Whole LOTTA Love...

Above: Mr. Peacock standing with the lovely Lotta in a photograph from her book, Simple Sewing. We're both holding very cute and easy tote bag projects from her book.

Mr. Peacock first became a fan of the textile artist and entrepreneur, Lotta Jansdotter, and her work around 2000. My friend, Felicity, gave me a small white zippered linen bag, with two charming drawn birds, silk screened in black, on the outer surface—I was immediately hooked on Lotta's charming style.

Her organic style has a wonderful Scandinavian aesthetic, and rightly so—Lotta is a native Scandinavian girl from Åland, an island between Sweden and Finland. In 2006, Lotta relocated her studio to Brooklyn, from San Francisco.

And Lotta's been on many blogs over the years! She recently took a moment from her hectic schedule while in Tokyo, where she was working on a new book, to answer a few questions for Mr. Peacock.

Mr. Peacock: How would you describe your own style?
Lotta: My style is very simple, organic, personal, playful and a little bit "wabi sabi."

Above: A sampling of wonderful fabrics that Lotta has designed over the years.

MP: What's your favorite Lotta item—current or past?
Lotta: REAL hard to say—hard to pick out one of your favorite "children."

Above: Lotta always has some great stationary on her website and here.

At the moment I really like the new stationery collection I have created with a Japanese company. It will be on the Lotta Jansdotter website soon.

Above: Lotta has designed some very charming charming children's soft toys, but this little dog has to be Mr. Peacock's favorite.

MP: What city has the best-dressed men?
Lotta: Paris comes to mind.

MP: What would be your dream purchase?
Lotta: A nice piece of land by the water in a secluded spot on the island of Åland, where I am born, and my husband can design a house for us. He is an architect.

Mr. Peacock especially likes the tote projects (see photo above) from Lotta's Simple Sewing book. If you’re crafty, or want to be crafty, the book has many great projects for crafters and sewers at all levels—it even comes with patterns tucked in the back of the book. You can buy a signed copy of Simple Sewing here. Lotta also has other great books on printing and clever handmade projects.

Lotta Jansdotter is very popular in Japan and this Japanese book, Lotta’s Lifestyle, from a few back, takes you around San Francisco to her favorite spots—and a stop by her apartment too. You can order one here.

Lotta will be celebrating the launch of her latest book today, Simple Sewing for Baby, from 6-8pm at her Brooklyn Studio. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and sip some rose wine and stitch a cute little project from the book—more information here. If you’re on the West Coast, Lotta will be signing Simple Sewing for Baby on May 16th in San Francisco.

Also mark your calendar for Lotta’s surface printing workshops in August, September and October. The emphasis of the workshops (see photo above) will be on printing using easy techniques (like stenciling, printing with linocuts and even potato printing!) anyone can use at home without special or expensive equipment. More information here.

Above: An Etsy tour of Lotta's first Brooklyn studio, in 2007. Her current Brooklyn studio is located here.

Mr. Peacock can be at a high-end store, or just perusing the aisles at Target and see the influence (and imitators) of Lotta’s earthy and simple Scandinavia style. Most of the other stuff, however, lacks the charming nuance and heartfelt love of Lotta’s work. Stop by Lotta's website for news about classes and new projects. Thanks Lotta, and congratulations on your new book!


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how fabulous is she? thanks for introducing lotta to my life! love the picture of you two!

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