Monday, May 18, 2009

Juicy Citrus Reamers

Mr. Peacock has a thing for citrus juice reamers—specifically white porcelain or milk glass varieties. Here are a few favorites from my cupboard:

I call this porcelain beauty, by Rosenthal, my "Statue of Liberty" reamer. I think it looks great just as an objet d'art in my kitchen, but it’s also very functional.

I use it for oranges and large lemons. You hold the "handle" with one hand, while you juice with the other.

Then you tilt it to pour the juice, and the “prongs” catch the seeds.

I absolutely love this small porcelain vintage reamer! I use it all the time to juice limes and small organic Meyer lemons from my neighborhood produce market.

It’s simple, and very ingenious design, catches the juice in the pot, and strains the seeds on top. And it hold’s just the right amount of juice for dressings and salsas.

This vintage milk glass citrus reamer has the Sunkist logo type embossed on the side. It was probably a promotional item from the 40’s or 50’s. I found it at the flea market ages ago, and it’s been a workhorse in my kitchen ever since. You can find similar versions here or here.

I use it for grapefruits, large oranges and if I’m juicing a large quantity of lemons or limes. The “trough” doesn’t hold that much juice so I usually have my milk glass bowl (probably separated from someone’s mixer decades ago) with a sieve resting on top nearby to strain the seeds from the juice.

I found this little guy in China Town for a couple bucks. It's okay if you're juicing a couple of lemons or limes, and it strains the seeds when you pour the juice.

Of course you could use an old-fashioned wood reamer if you’re just juicing a single fruit...or if I’m feeling lazy—I just use a fork.
I’ve seen this curious looking citrus reamer out and about at various shops. It looks like a naughty toy or medieval torture device to me. It would make a great conversation piece in your kitchen. I haven’t tried it for reaming citrus fruits, and I’m curious how effective it is for juicing. Has anyone tried this style of reamer?


MJ said...

Are batteries included?

I also like the Alessi Juicy Salif Lemon Squeezer.

.savannah. said...

eesh, you're too ambitious. my 1950's kitchen aid came with tons of attachments, one of which being a juicer. i use it almost daily, it's sooo much easier.

however, i want that last juicer. i'd leave it in a prominent place in my kitchen to make dinner guests feel awkward.

Jill said...

The last looks like something my husband might have to extract from someone in the ER.

lbwDESIGN said...

i love your blog!!!! you are soooo creative!


oooh baby...juicy sexy post!