Monday, May 18, 2009

Mr. Peacock sends out a thank you...

Mr. Peacock would like to kindly thank a couple of wonderful sites for the shout-outs!

Beefranck, part of the Mr. X Stitch squad, kindly featured Mr. Peacock's naughty napkins on her weekly posting called, NSFW Saturday, which features naughty stitched items "not safe for work." Mr. X Stitch site features contemporary embroidery and needlecraft. The amount of talent and creativity showcased is almost overwhelming! You can easily spend hours looking at a diverse sampling of modern and experimental stitching.

After each visit to Mr. X Stitch, I immediately want to start embroidering—while my head is spinning from the amazing work they feature on the site. Even if you're not a needlecraft person, you will be inspired by the work shown on Mr. X Stitch. They also sell Mr. X Stitch patterns on etsy. Thank you Beefranck—and I love the adult content "warning-puppy!"

And a big merci to the crafty, Skitso Leezra, for always thinking about Mr. Peacock, and turning me on to
Mr. X Stitch!

Mr. Peacock would also like to give a thanks to Thombeau, and his entire Fabulon Board of Directors, over at Planet Fabulon. Fabulon was "paging" Mr. Peacock from his fabulous universe...and I answered the call. If you need a good dose of glamour, fashion, and beefcake...all wrapped up with a sly sense of humor, be sure to make a pit-stop on the planet full of fabulousity at Fabulon.

And thanks to all of the folks who read and enjoy Mr. Peacock. The blogosphere is an amazing universe!


MJ said...

*titters at naughty napkins*

Love love LOVE Thombeau of Planet Fabulon!

Let fabulosity reign!

thombeau said...

I agree with everything MJ says. And everything you say. I'm very agreeable!

Thanks for making the world a bit more fabulous, Mr. Peacock! Cheers!!

beefranck said...

Thanks for the shout out, Mr. Peacock! Glad you liked the puppy, too. ^_^ Don't spread this around, but I have just as much fun finding the safety pictures as I do the naughty needlework. ;)Thanks so much for providing the latter!

SkitzoLeezra said...

You are more than welcome, Mr. P!

Always looking to enhance my friend's lives,
I am,