Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Land & Sea goodies...

(click image above to enlarge)

In junior high school, my favorite store was called Land & Sea, it carried all sorts of seashells, nautical stuff, preserved bugs, driftwood, rocks and odd ephemera. I’d spend hours there picking out the perfect seashell or rock to buy. Paxton Gate, a favorite shop near where I currently live, has a similar vibe to Land & Sea—but with plants and taxidermy.

Here’s my wish list of goodies that pay homage to the land and the sea:

1) Mr. Peacock loves this Witches Kitchen Spurk (spoon/fork/point) designed by Tord Bootje. It looks like something from a fairy tale or Hobbit’s kitchen. They’re produced by skilled artisans in undeveloped countries—using environmentally friendly materials. Order one here.

2) This elegant, Rexford Mirror, looks like it’s right out of an enchanted forest. It’s also made by artisans, using Pine scales collected from Californian forests. The mirror portion has a black speckled antique finish—it would be dramatic in an entryway. Order one here.

3) Hand tumbled abalone shells create the base of this chic Del Mar Table Lamp, inspired by Tony Duquette. More information here.

4) Mr. Peacock loves stools, ottomans and poufs of any sort! These nautical looking poufs are at the top of my current wish list. The Large Urchin Pouf is hand knitted in the Netherlands, using 100% wool from New Zealand. It also comes in some nice colors too—more information here. The Flax Ottoman, looks like a ball of string for a giant. Order one here.

5) I'm also enchanted with these porcelain, Coral inspired Vases. I have two similar white ones, that hold around 50 stems, in my living room. I put tiny colored tree ornaments on them at Christmas time (see right). The large vase hold 50 flowers stems, while the small vase holds 10. I’m not sure which I like better—the white or silver vases?

6) Opening beer at summer barbecues would be fun with this Pescado Bottle Opener. Buy one here.

7) This beautiful and functional Acacia Wood Twist Stool would also make a handsome occasional table. The color and grain of each stool is completely unique. Order one here.

8) These curvy and bulbous Teak Candlesticks really highlight the beautiful variegated grain of the wood. A grouping of them would add some graphic punch to any room. Order a few here.

9) Protect your furniture surfaces from wet-bottomed drinks with beautiful cut Brazilian Agate Coasters. They come in a set of four different stones. In ancient times, agate was thought to possess incredible virtues, protecting its guardians and bringing pleasant dreams to its owners. Buy a set here.

Whether you were at the beach, the park, or just lounged in your own backyard—Mr. Peacock hopes everyone had a relaxing Memorial Weekend, and took a moment to reflect on our veterans. Have a great week.


MJ said...

Surf and turf!

jezebel said...

That mirror! I have a giant gold shell encrusted one that I unearthed for $19.99 in a thrift store in Virginia, the same day I found a perfect Gucci clutch for 99 cents. It was a heady day.

jason said...

I love that mirror too!
And that coral vase.

I have a mirror framed in sea shells sold at the seashore that I made with my own two hands.

I need to find somewhere to put it one day.