Friday, May 29, 2009

Functional Porcelain Look-a-likes

Mr. Peacock loves porcelain pieces that replicate or mimic everyday objects. They can be strictly decorative, but if they’re functional—that’s even better!

I acquired this little teapot/coffee pot, that mimics a moka pot, last year. It's perfect for two cups of tea.

I love these porcelain faux boots (5.75"w x 15"h x 10.5"d) created by the talented Czech artist and designer, Maxim Velcovsky of Qubus studio! They’re pictured as a left and right boot; however, you can only purchase a left boot. A big bunch of peonies would look fantastic in a boot vase.

They remind me of a pair of Wellies or old Frye boots.

Of course, I like the white porcelain boot vase the best, but this glossy black porcelain boot vase is very cool too. The porcelain boot with the blue pattern reminds me of Dutch Delftware.

These mugs, Bird in the Bush cups, don't mimic everyday objects, but they're very clever. When they’re stacked, they look like a "tree branches" with a bird. The bird also comes in pink, although, I wish it was available in white.

These porcelain "Happy Dishes" dishes make me smile—especially the lidded dish that looks like croissant!
For these breakfast dishes, Tina Roeder, the designer, was inspired by children and her friends. These days, anything that puts a smile on my face is all right with me!


MJ said...

The "Happy Dish" croissant should actually be named "Mr. Happy."



I got crushed paper cups made of porcelain when I was in London...
~Fab weekend MrP!