Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Modern Tassel

Okay, I admit it; I’ve always liked tassels—especially on a nice pair of loafers. I think the loafers with the shorter tongues, usually worn by businessmen in office parks, have given the tasseled loafer a bad reputation. Most people think of tasseled loafers as stodgy and very conservative. This season, however, there are many modern interpretations of this ornamental tuft of threads (or cords) on men's shoes. Here are a few of Mr. Peacock’s favorites:

Who hasn’t owned at least one pair of Sperry top-siders, and knotted the cord into a tassel-like knot (I don’t remember how to knot them now—do you?).

Band of Outsiders partnered with Sperry and revamped the classic boat shoe with a tassels. These white suede boat shoes with tassels are on my wish list, I don’t think they’ve hit the shelves yet, however...

...the black tasseled version would be more practical. I also like the printed manufacturing info on the tongue of the shoe!

And keeping the purple theme…these plum colored suede-driving moccasins, with a very discrete tassel, would be very chic this spring.

Mr. Peacock likes these suede driving moccasins, with a bohemian touch—bead detailing.

This brown-tasseled loafer, with a rubber pebbled sole, would be a great shoe for work.

For dressy occasions, these black patent leather tasseled loafers would fit the bill.

Brooks Brothers updated the stodgy tasseled loafer by enlarging, and folding over the tongue of the shoe...and made a very handsome and elegant kiltie tassel loafer in tan leather or chocolate brown suede.

This red tasseled loafer is interesting because it has a trainer/sneaker sole.

They would be perfect for running around town doing errands. If red is too much for you, they're also available in navy.

I don’t think there is a middle ground with tassels—you either love ‘em, or hate ‘em. Are you going to be sporting tassels this spring?


MJ said...

GAH! Tassels!

*remembers what I said the other day*…

You are turning me onto men's shoes in a big way!

*tries to remember a happier, tassel-free time with lilac Oxfords and Mr. Hayon’s delightful Camper shoes*

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larry said...

love the tassels!