Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It’s all Black & White

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You know by now that Mr. Peacock has a weakness for anything black & white. Don’t get me wrong, I love color, but there is something alluring about the crisp pairing of black & white...

1) A blend of Peruvian Pima and Viscose make this graphic Stripes T-shirt soft, thin, and just slightly sheer. The stripes have a Constructivist feel to Mr. Peacock. Order one here.

2) A Rod Keenan hat never disappoints, and this Black & White Trilby Hat is no exception. More information here.

3) Mr. Peacock loves the Guido Crepax surreal-erotic comic art, featuring the character, Valentina (at right), used as black & white graphics on this Lacquered Italian Cabinet. This piece reminds me of Fornasetti, but a bit edgier and pop. More information here.

4) This cotton Schoolboy Style Blazer, in black with white piping, could easily become your favorite spring item in your wardrobe. Buy one here.

5) Black & white leather get mixed up and graphic on this chic Raf Simons Bowling Style Bag. More information here.

6) This Tableau Tablecloth is decorated, using a photogram technique, with the silhouettes of the aftermath of a dinner party. Order one here.

7) This Bow Tie Wallet (at right) is like an exquisite piece of oragami. Each wallet is hand made in London by craftsmen using russet leather and flash spun high density polyethylene—which give this wallet a paper-like tactility. Buy one here.

What's your favorite black & white item in your house or wardrobe?


Jake said...

i'm loving your blog. my college friend noel garingan (i think you know each other?) sent me a link to your blog and i linked it to my blog (personal blog of anything , lol).

i wish to see your art in person someday. :)

custardbydesign said...

love the black and white pop art cabinet...great post..!!!

Anonymous said...

I've learned that I have too many animals for black & white decor. I did find cheap MacKenzie-Childs checkerboard candles that come in handy every time the power goes out.

I do have a 1994 Donna Karan black crepe suit hidden in the back of my closet. The jacket was sometimes paired with white linen Williwear pants (that required my first purchase of boxer shorts). The pants and my use of boxers were short-lived.