Thursday, April 2, 2009

Scavenger Hunt at the Dollar Store

Mr. Peacock and his sister, Samantha, always enjoy a scavenger hunt at the Dollar Store to find hidden treasures. The inventory changes frequently at these discount shops, so it can be hit or miss—but they usually have something fun and useful, although you won't find any heirlooms. Some areas in the United States have Dollar Tree stores, but in my neighborhood they're just called the "Dollar Store" and aren't affliated with any chain store or brand, but it's the same concept—every item in the store is sold for one dollar.

When Mr. Peacock spotted these blue & white rooster salad plates, he immediately thought of Sweet Paul’s clever Delft story in the February issue of Country Living magazine. These would make great cocktail plates at a large party, and if your guests get tipsy and accidentally break a plate or two, it doesn’t matter at this price. After the party, if you don’t want to keep your dollar plates you can donate them to your favorite charity shop—so someone else can find a bargain.

The Dollar Store in my neighborhood had a huge assortment of dollar knock-off Murano glass fruits and vegetables when I stopped by about a month ago. I liked the peppers the best. I think they would make fun table decorations.

Mr. Peacock ruins a pair of shoes every island vacation while traipsing through rough and muddy terrain—in search of the perfect secluded beach. These dollar slip on canvas shoes, sort of like Vans, would make great beach shoes—and I love the green tread!

This fun graphic print tote bag, in coated tyvek, it will come in handy at the farmer’s market this spring.

I’m enchanted with these Spanish playing cards. They don’t have the traditional suits of hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds like traditional cards—instead they have wands, swords, cups and coins—similar to Tarot cards. You take these dollar cards on your beach vacation too—for card games while you sunbathe.

The Dollar Store can be a fun resource, especially during our tight economic times. Eddie Ross recently had a lovely homage to Dorothy Draper with his posting, Style Without Money—and utilized Dollar Tree. And Jason, at Night is Half Gone, had a fun posting about repurposing your Dollar Tree finds. I think the key to successful shopping at the Dollar Store is to keep an open mind and use your imagination.
I usually find interesting gift-wrapping and party decorations too.

Have you found any great finds at your local Dollar Store lately?


jason said...

Wow! I'm impressed with the quality of your dollar stores out there. Spanish playing cards no less!
Love them. (love all of your scores in fact)

Nothing quite that fabulous here...though I have recently bought a group of crepe paper roses and some very pretty margarita glasses. A party seems to be creating itself.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the shout out! love your blog!!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I must say that your Dollar Store is apparently head and shoulders above ours, although I am always up for a good treasure hunt. I have the entire week off so I just might go out on an expedition of my own one day.

-h said...

the playing cards are pretty cool!

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