Monday, April 20, 2009

Time for Paisley

Leave it to Thom Browne to design a paisley suit for Brooks Brothers that is both preppy and edgy at the same time. Mr. Peacock adores this paisley look with the saddle shoes. If the suit is too much for your taste, just wear the pants paired with a simple polo shirt.

Admittedly, a paisley suit might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but any gentleman could incorporate a paisley tie into his wardrobe. These two beauties are on sale here.

A scarf is another easy way to add paisley into your peacock attire. These beautiful colored cotton and silk paisley scarves would be very chic. Or how about a skull and crossbones paisley scarf by Barker Black, for a more edgy look?

Paul Smith usually offers some sort of paisley shirt. You could wear this beautiful blue and lavender paisley shirt with the sleeves casually rolled up this summer (notice the contrasting polka dot fabric detail inside the cuffs), and then with a cashmere sweater this autumn.

We’re having a heat wave in San Francisco today—it’s in the 90’s, so my thoughts are on summer. Either of these paisley swim trunks would look smart at the pool or beach, which sounds very nice right now. More information here and here.

Not every gentleman could pull-off wearing this paisley shirt, but I still like the pattern and color palette.

Mr. Peacock is a huge fan of Engineered Garments and this paisley blazer is quite handsome. It reminds me of something that would have been worn to a Newport garden party in the 50’s or 60's.

Maybe paisley isn’t right for your wardrobe, however, a bit of paisley in your home could be very chic. You could start off with some paisley sheets.

Or be inspired by the Lady with Panache, Lisa Borgnes Giramonti, who chose these gorgeous Peter Dunham drapes for her living room.

A perfect summer look—Peter Dunham’s Kashmir Paisley used for a slipcover.

Mr. Peacock is going to be wearing his vintage Byblos cotton paisley tie this spring. I've always fancied this tie and I like to wear it ala Ralph Lauren as a “belt” with my favorite khakis.

Do you have any paisley in your wardrobe?


Easy and Elegant Life said...

Fred Astaire was known for wearing a tie or scarf as a belt. Works great!

I have a great memory of visiting an eating club at Princeton University. It was graduation and the members were having a formal. As I descended the staircase I looked down to the right at the baby grand piano under the portraits of the house heros. At it sat a tousle haired blond young man in a paisley dinner jacket. He was playing Cole Porter riffs and speaking in French to two co-eds who were draped over the piano. It was a scene from a movie. I thought "if I could pull that off, I wouldn't have to work for a living..." But I doubt he had to.

wecouldgrowup2gether said...

i adore the idea of paisley, but putting wearing them can be a little tricky, i would love a pair of shorts tho

Bart Boehlert said...

LOVE paisley. Always and forever. To me it evokes colonial India which is entirely politically incorrect but romantic nontheless.

Meade Design Group - Iván Meade said...

Definitely what flowers pattern does for women paisley pattern does for men

tartanscot said...

OOooooooo . . .. pretty.

loving the paisley suit from Browne . . . but, I look so dork-y (and not in that chic, stylish way) when I try to wear his things. damn.

jason said...

Love that jacket. I have but one paisley item, a skinny paisley tie from the 60s, which I've only, sadly, worn once.

Anonymous said...

The lavender paisley pants are still a little bit much for me; I tend to be a pant purist. Dark colours only, black, brown, maybe maroon. A darkish mustard is the most I will do.

The jacket though! It's very Wildean. And I adore the arm chair and the black and white tie. I can't wait until damasks are seen in such quantity, I'm quite the little heathen when it comes to damask.

Christina - said...

I'm really surprised that I liked the paisly suit with the shorts so much! I'd like to see that outfit on the street or on a good looking celebrity.

LENORENEVERMORE said... sister Loves ETRO paisley prints ~XO*

JAMES 3.0 said...

I was just getting a paisley post together! lol
great minds... said...

It won't truly have effect, I suppose so.