Tuesday, April 7, 2009

André Benjamin—Style & Charisma

André Benjamin, aka André 3000 from the group Outkast, is a gentleman peacock that always looks stylish and masculine. Admittedly, most celebrities have stylists who help them with their image and fashion choices, but having a stylist doesn’t guarantee you will look good or give you a unique style. You must also have the charisma and attitude to pull it off. Mr. Benjamin has both—style and charisma. Whether he is going to a formal event or just casually hanging out, this peacock isn’t afraid to wear what he likes: colors, patterns, and hats! He knows what he likes and what suits his personality.

In addition to being a talented musician, André Benjamin is also an entrepreneur. Last year he launched his own menswear label, Benjamin Bixby. The line clearly reflects his love of clothing and men’s style. Mr. Peacock tips his hat to this fellow Gemini, Mr. André Benjamin, for his inspiring style and spirit.

Mr. Benjamin likes color and pattern—and isn’t afraid to mix it up!

Formal chic—with his signature straw hat and boutonnière, or casually dapper in jeans and layered pieces.

André Benjamin, like Mr. Peacock, has a soft spot for gingham.

He also appreciates a good tie.

André Benjamin makes Converse sneakers look casually chic and elegant.

Mr. Benjamin posing in pieces from the Fall/Winter 2008 Benjamin Bixby collection.

Some looks from the debut Benjamin Bixby collection, from last autumn.

André Benjamin (center), with some looks from the Spring/Summer 2009 Benjamin Bixby collection.

André Benjamin at the premier presentation of the Spring/Summer 2009 Benjamin Bixby collection.

More select looks from the Spring/Summer 2009 Benjamin Bixby collection.

A Benjamin Bixby belt, and a madras plaid bowtie.

A couple of cotton shirts from Benjamin Bixby—green and white stripe shirt, and a namesake t-shirt.

André Benjamin's love of green, plaid and equestrian style is evident in this OutKast video of Hey Ya, flashback from 2003.

Whether it’s a belt, leather armband, or a hat—Mr. Benjamin repeatedly incorporates his favorite wardrobe items into his attire and wears them with ease. He's comfortable with his own style, and wears whatever he likes. Mr. Peacock thanks André Benjamin for being an inspiration to gentleman peacocks everywhere.


TJB said...

I adore Andre Benjamin. I don't think of him that often, since I'm too often mind-traveling to 1962, but he is pretty much the ONLY contemporary celebrity whose style I applaud and admire.

All the others who are usually -- and wrongly, IMO -- heralded as modern "style icons" are, more accurately, either boring-masquerading-as-good-taste (Anderson Cooper), complete shams (David Beckham), clueless label whores (Kanye West), or vastly overrated and only stylish by comparison (George Clooney).

Mr. Benjamin's style has wit, originality and audacity -- but he also has the keen color sense and just enough restraint to fall short of excess and self-parody. I can't claim to love everything he puts together, but I have to admit that it works for him.

Uncle Beefy said...

Without a doubt, Mr. Peacock, one of the most truly stylish men around! SUCH great style! Oy veh!

Mr. Peacock said...

I completely agree gentlemen...
André Benjamin is a modern peacock!

-h said...

He really has great style. Even in outkast's earlier days he was always wearing those funky wigs or kooky outfits. He's gotten a lot more refined these days, but he still has his touch of eccentricity.

Christina - WhatsInYourManPurse.com said...

That sky blue plaid jacket was amazing. I love Andre Benjamin!!! I'm of course dying to know if he carries a bag.