Monday, April 13, 2009

Great Scot—A Tartan Peacock

Scot Meacham Wood is a dapper gentleman of Scottish descent, who has an affinity for tartan plaid—both for his home and wardrobe. In addition to being a talented interior designer (above), founding Thane Studio in 2002, Scot has a flair and passion for entertaining. This tartan peacock also finds time to write his blog, The Adventures of Tartan Scot, where he shares his favorite things and inspirations.

Scot’s love of tartan is clearly evident in his own San Francisco “castle,” with luxurious textile accents...

...and an amazing collection of antique china with different tartan patterns.

This tartan peacock has a breathtaking, and well-appointed closet full of goodies, including a stellar collection of velvet slippers—that would make any gentleman peacock swoon.

How would you describe your own style?
In my design work for clients, my style tends to vary widely based on the particular needs of the project and the client, but my individual style tends to veer towards a modern/European hybrid. My home, nicknamed “the castle,” is in a Tudor styled one-bedroom flat that is just perfect for me...

...and the personal style of my wardrobe tends to mirror the aesthetic of my home. I shop a great deal when I’m in London, and there are a few great places here in SF that I frequent.

How old were you when you realized you were a peacock?
Does the outfit for the first day of kindergarten count?

Above: Scot's dark and handsome peacock habitat, has wonderful details, including this lamp in his study.

What's your favorite item in your wardrobe?
That’s easy—a bright fuschia, Pinwale corduroy hacking jacket.

Who is your ultimate style icon?
I’m going to start with the ever-stylish Cary Grant (below left), maybe Charles Ryder (I can use literary characters, can’t I?), and clearly Ralph Lauren (below right).

I was a stylist for Polo for almost 15 years before opening my design firm, so it’s kind of in my DNA now. But, I was fascinated with English style and design from a young age. Maybe it was the copious amounts of BBC television as a youngster.

Who or what has influenced your style?

Above: A sampling of spring shirts from Grosvenor Shirts.

Do you have a favorite menswear designer or brand?
Hackett London (see Jeremy Hackett here), Ralph Lauren, Grosvenor Shirts, Burberry, Michael Bastian.

Tote bag, satchel or messenger bag?

Paul Smith Satchel.

What would be your dream purchase right now?
I recently purchased a Chinese needlepoint rug for my bedroom. So excited!

Above left to right: A sampling of Scot's collection of Tartanware; a peek at his organized shoe and velvet slipper collection. Buy a pair of your own velvet slippers here or here.

What city has the best-dressed men?

Where did you grow up?
I was an Air Force brat so—Canada, Miami, South Korea, Los Angeles, then Mississippi for most of my "up-bringing" from 6th grade through college.

Above: Scot's elegant living room exemplifies his design philosophy: style, comfort and function.

Did you decorate your room as a kid?
Constantly. We moved all the time, so I was always delighted to work in a new space. I was always moving the bed around...and using different lighting...and masses of bedding. lol. After living in Mississippi for several years, my brother and I actually switched room one weekend when I was around 14. I had always liked his room better. I still don’t recall how I convinced him to do it. lol.

What's your favorite item at your home?
My artwork.

Above: Scot's "Dining by Design" table—2008

Do you approach your wardrobe in the same manner you approach design projects?
I tend to purchase clothing more as individual pieces. I can’t even remember the last time that I bought ‘an outfit.’ I need to have a great deal of flexibility when I’m getting dressed each day. I focus a great deal of my purchasing on accessories and try to keep everything else classic and timeless.

Above: Tartan Scot's habitat is always evolving. A previous incarnation from a few years ago that Mr. Peacock is fond of—seen in the daytime, and decorated for Christmas.

My design projects are clearly more organized and planned out. I guess the common thread is that my design focuses on classic pieces, but I try to mix things up a bit with decorative accessories and lighting.

What's your favorite color palette of the moment?
I’ve always worn a great deal of olive and brown (they’re just the best colours on me) but, going into spring, I start drifting towards more navy with bright pastels. I found an amazing navy/red striped schoolboy sport coat in London that I’m gettin’ ready to break out for spring.

What's your favorite fabric or wallpaper of the moment?
I’m loving the new collection of textiles from “Jasper” (see above samples) by Michael S. Smith.

Are you a dish queen?
I’m not too hot on the term ‘dish queen,’ but yes, my china collection is shamefully extensive. I discovered this wonderful Royal Grafton china pattern years ago that featured different Scottish clans (my grandfather’s from Aberdeen on the northeast coast of Scotland) and I’ve been collecting it ever since.

Above left to right: A cabinet overflowing with some of Scot's china collection and silver pieces; some wonderful antique tartan cup and saucers in his kitchen.

I still remember when I saw one for the first time—looking suspiciously at this spectacular cup and saucer with the “Royal Stewart” crest on it, and thinking, “If I buy this damn thing, it’s just going to be like opening Pandora’s box." lol. Yes, I took the train from London to Edinburg, during a Christmas vacation in England, just to shop for china. And, yes, I found tons!

Mr. Peacock has a kindred connection, and admiration, for anyone who has a love and appreciation for tartan, and Scot Meacham Wood is no exception! And I can’t wait to see how he decorates his home this Christmas. Take a peek at more of Scot’s design work here, and keep up with his design adventures on his blog here. Thanks Tartan Scot!

Scot’s home photos by Nicolas Smith, Eric Tagen Hooten, and Scot Meacham Wood.


Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

What a stunning profile! I love Scot's blog and his home is divine...what a fascinating peek you have given us into his oh-so stylish life. Long live tartan!


I think I have Tartan envy! (lol)

Scot is such a talented designer and of course I am huge admirer of his amazing work. It is really cool to see somebody using the Tartan pattern as branding - I guess the Tartan is now Scot's own skin.

The wallpapers by Michael S.Smith are amazing.

homemade said...

HI Mr Peacock I just found your blog via Lisa's wonderful pages and love it. I'm sure you will know them but just in case for amazing tartan everything..... including the interior of an old touring caravan.
Great to have found you.

Mr. Peacock said...

Hi Tartan fans...

I'm still swooning over the tartan seating nook in your kitchen!

Meade Design Group...
Don't you think Tartan Scot needs to have his own custom tartan!

I'm not aware of those tartan goodies. Your blog is lovely too!

Christina - said...

Oh my - I collect tea cups and that last photo of the tartan tea cups just sent me into a tizzy!

Paul Pincus said...

terrifc interview/post.

i love scot's blog ... he has an insanely great eye ... and great personal style!

Unknown said...

i think i'm a little in love... ;-)

A Super Dilettante said...

A wonderful interview! I'm a devoted reader of tartanscot blog too. This man has impeccable taste! Thank you!

Gambar Gamis Pesta Bahan Brokat 2015 said...

What a stunning profile! I love Scot's blog and his home is divine...what a fascinating peek you have given us into his oh-so stylish life. Long live tartan!

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