Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Andreas Kronthaler—Dandy Designer

Mr. Andreas Kronthaler is the creative force and inspiration for Vivienne Westwood MAN, and he isn’t afraid to design and wear what suits his personality. Mr. Peacock would describe Mr. Kronthaler’s style as traditional, with a modern twist...and salutes this stylish peacock.

Andreas Kronthaler recently said, “Nobody can avoid tradition—but you should not confuse it with conservatism. You must interpret tradition, otherwise it is stale, dead and boring.”

Whether he is attending a social event or hanging out with his wife, this peacock icon is dressed to please himself—well, maybe his wife too.

Andreas is a scarf aficionado, and frequently wears them—either draped around his neck, as ascots or as a head coverings. Mr. Peacock loves the paisley scarf he's wearing! (above)

Mr. Kronthaler has been married to the doyenne of British street style, Vivienne Westwood, since 1992. He is 25 year years younger than her. They met when she was teaching design in Vienna in 1988—he was her student and she hired him on the spot. Ms. Westwood thought he was the most talented person she ever met, and has said they’re perfectly matched.

Their relationship, however, is unconventional in many ways. Kronthaler is bisexual and Westwood has often said sex is overrated. She told the Telegraph last year, “'I've never been interested—I've never worried what he's up to or anything. I let him go—not let him, I mean he goes on holiday by himself. And he'll change his clothes two or three times a day, even on the beach...”

Above left to right: A black moment in the 90's—and clean shaven; a portrait by Annie Leibowitz.

Admittedly, their relationship is unique, but it is obvious that Andreas and Vivienne have an incredible passion for style and fashion.

In 1993, his wife named her trademark ‘MacAndreas’ tartan after him.

Andreas Kronthaler is on the Spring 2009 cover of 10 Men magazine, and a fantastic feature story of him wearing an array of Vivienne Westwood pieces (see photo above).

Above left to right: Pamela Anderson, posing with Vivienne and Andreas; and in the recent ad campaign for Vivienne Westwood MAN.

Andreas said in 10 Men, “Wearing good clothes, I always think, makes the day better; you live a good life. It helps you. And I think, especially when you are depressed or down, dress up!” Mr. Peacock agrees, especially in these troubled times, to wear things that reflect your personality and that make you feel good. Thank you Andreas Kronthaler for being an inspiration!


MJ said...

He’s looking very Alan Bates in that top photo.

You have to love a man who wears his underpants on his head.

Paul Pincus said...

i'm in love with andreas kronthaler!

another genius post, mr. p!


Mr Peacock, I'm passing you a 'DEER Blog Award' Congrats darling! ~XO*