Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pure Style and Grace—Jeremy Hackett

Jeremy Hackett, founder of the quintessential British menswear store, Hackett, is a true gentleman icon. Mr. Hackett not only embodies style and grace, he’s quite a handsome chap too. He was adopted at age six and as a child wasn’t a very good student. By age 16, he began working at a tailor’s shop, dreaming of having his own store one day. In 1983, he opened his first Hackett shop in England. The first shop sold second-hand clothes, and eventually sold his namesake apparel label, Hackett. My favorite pair of khakis I’ve ever owned were from Hackett! By 1992 the store had become a must-stop shop for classic menswear and Mr. Hackett sold it to the luxury goods group Richemont. He’s still the chairman of Hackett and wrote a column called, Mr. Classic, for The Independent, and is considered an authority on menswear. The book, Mr. Classic, came out a couple years ago, it's a collection of his best newspaper columns, which were all about Mr. Hackett's take on mens' style. The book is chock full of beautifully styled photographs epitomizing Mr. Hackett's taste.

Jeremy Hackett’s witty take on monograms is one of my favorite images from the book.

I also love this tweed jacket with buttons and a Union Jack decorating the lapels.

Mr. Classic is a prerequisite for any gentleman’s library. You can buy it here.

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