Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mary Poppins would be proud

After last week's rainstorms, I realized I need to upgrade my boring, black $12.99 umbrella from Walgreens. It's not very chic, but it does fit into my tote.

My dream umbrella is at Hackett. It's commemorating 20 years of British GQ magazine. This GQ Limited Edition Umbrella is only available for delivery in the UK. I guess that's a good thing, because it's about $270.00. I love anything that's collaged.

Hackett also has a wonderful "skull & crossbones" umbrella that's more traditional, but still has some whimsy, but it's also pricey at about $225.00. It's also available in red or blue.

J. Crew has a really cute red plaid umbrella with a wood handle for $68.00, which isn't too expensive.
I'll probably end up buying another cheap umbrella, but I'm going to force myself to get something fun. This red and blue umbrella from Target might work, and it's only $24.99. And it's one of those big, 64" golf umbrellas. Although I'll still be dreaming of the
Hackett limited edition GQ umbrella!


kelly jo said...

just found you through design*sponge. will be putting you on my list of inspirations when the internet works again in my place (nigeria). as a fellow californian and san franciscan, you make me miss home. keep on rockin...

Mr. Peacock said...


joHn said...
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joHn said...

How about this one?

:) Hahah.. I love it.


They've even got a peacock one Mr Peacock.

P.s. Love your blog.