Saturday, November 22, 2008

Grab the Bull by the Shoehorns

My father was a golf professional and for his golf pro-shop he would have custom faux tortoise shell shoehorns imprinted in gold lettering with his name and the name of the country club. Whenever a club member would purchase golf shoes, they would receive a complimentary shoehorn. I took at least a dozen of these plastic shoehorns for myself—and they’ve lasted decades! Over the years, the plastic would get dry and the shoehorn would crack apart. Just recently my last custom shoehorn broke. So I’ve been on the search for a replacement shoehorn that will last for the next few decades. Nobody ever talks about shoehorns and I don't notice them at retail stores that often anymore. I might see a couple of shoehorns at the shoe repair shopwhich are also becoming harder to find, unless you live in Manhattan. Do you think it is because so many people now wear sneakers everyday? I still find a good shoehorn a necessity. Here's a few interesting and beautiful shoehorns, which would make a nice gift for any gentleman in your life.

Mr. Peacock loves these Italian shoehorns with different animal head handles. They almost look like walking canes. The actual shoehorn is plastic, but the handle is made out of beechwood and the animal head is plated in nickel. Buy one here.

I especially like these 3 beauties—how quirky is that little owl on the right!

This leather shoe horn would get a nice patina on the surface, from constantly sliding your heel over it.

This extra-long 31" stainless steel shoehorn is very utilitarian and you don't even have to bend over to slip your shoe on.

These heavy, rugged shoehorns are made out of real bull horn and retain the natural curve of the horn. Each bull and camel horn is unique and may have slight flaws and imperfections, which make them even more beautiful. They’re almost like a piece of art and will last a lifetime. Get one here.

These are also made from 100% real bull horn. The bull horn can be molded when heated and is then formed into the curved shoehorn shape. The polished finish looks and feels beautiful. Get one here.

Mr. Peacock loves the rich, dark colors of these real bull horn shoehorns—but remember, the colors can vary depending on the horn. Order one here.

Here’s a funny little folding shoe horn you can stick in your dopp kit while you’re traveling. This one is a bargain for $12.95 (including shipping), order here. Which shoehorn are you gonna get?


SkitzoLeezra said...

I found a beautiful antique monogrammed sterling silver handled shoe horn on eBay for less than $20!

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