Thursday, November 20, 2008

NEW DEAL on the block

A new home furnishings shop, New Deal, recently opened on 18th Street, in The Castro neighborhood, in San Francisco. Actually, New Deal isn’t really new, the shop just relocated from it’s previous 15 year location on Market Street, by Zuni Café. The new space is so charming and fresh that Mr. Peacock wanted to move in himself—it feels like a cozy, modern cottage in The Hamptons. The shop doubles as a home furnishings showroom and interior design office for the proprietor, Terje Arnesen. New Deal has an array of updated, traditional and contemporary styles—never too modern or too trendy.

Mr. Peacock was drawn to the unusual "silver chromed linen" fabric Mr. Arnesen chose for this Louis style chair, which also happens to be his favorite fabric right now—Pirates Treasure by Brunschwig & Fils.

New Deal stocks a beautiful selection of sofas, chairs, tables, lighting, mirrors, rugs and original artwork—all well edited by Mr. Arnesen's discerning eye.

Right now, Mr. Arnesen, is loving all shades of gray with jewel tone accent colors and this "Damask" rug is a prime example.

Mr. Arnesen originally hails from Norway, but now calls California his home. In addition to being a talented interior designer, he’s also quiet the bon vivant and peacock in San Francisco.

Mr. Peacock: Let's switch gears from interior design to menswear. How would you describe your style?
Mr. Arnesen: That naturally depends on where I'm going, whom I'm seeing, the nature of the social occasion, as well as how late it is. But generally: sophisticated, adventurous, unapologetic—but never trendy.

What's your favorite item currently in your wardrobe?
Three gray Dolce & Gabbana suits, all with a little sheen, and a pile of ties from Andrew's Ties in Milan.

Who do you consider a style icon?
The people I really consider style icons are all dead. Although, I like the crazy personal style of designer Kelly Wearstler.

Have you had any fashion disasters?
I've had more wardrobe malfunctions than I care to mention, especially during my 14 years of competitive ballroom dancing.

Whose your favorite menswear designer or brand?
I always end up buying a lot of Dolce and Gabbana because it fits my body type and I think it's the perfect combination of style, quality, and attitude. I wish I could wear more Dior and YSL but it's made for stick figures.

How old were you when you realized you were a "Peacock"?
I had barely turned 4 when I knew exactly what I wanted to look like. I lost the battle often with my mother who had a very strong opinion as well.

Is there any style or clothing item you absolutely disdain?
I hate anything that doesn't fit properly. Take the time and get your clothes altered! Otherwise you end up not wearing them and you always look bad.

Do you have any pet peeves about how most men dress in San Francisco?
San Francisco men DON'T dress. I'm excited every time I see a good outfit and it doesn't happen very often, although it's getting a little better. Take a look the next Friday night you're out having a good dinner and you’ll notice the state of men’s fashion in San Francisco—very nondescript.

Do you “archive” your favorite clothing items or get rid of them after their prime?
I keep certain items that were very good quality, or really identified certain periods of time, and that I possibly see wearing again at some point in time.

Any sartorial advice?
Put some effort into what you’re presenting to the world when you leave the house and own it! Why would you want to look like everybody else? Create your personal style based on what inspires you and run with it. Take what you like from current design and work into your own combinations.

New Deal is located at 4529 18th Street in San Francisco and can be reached at 415/552-6208. Check out their website (which will be re-launched in early 2009) for hours and additional information. New Deal can also custom order pieces that suit your needs. So stop by New Deal and see everything for yourself—tell him Mr. Peacock sent you!

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