Sunday, June 7, 2009

Just Another Madras Monday…

Madras is lightweight plain weave cotton fabric that originated from Madras (Chennai), India. It's is used for shirts, pants, and hats—and can come in a variety of checks, stripes and plaids...and you my fondness for plaid.

I love these madras, over-sized checked boxers!

Early madras fabric wasn’t always colorfast, so the vibrant colors faded each time you washed it—and became softer and softer.

Most of the madras today is colorfast, but I still launder my new madras pieces separately—just to be safe, in case any colors bleed.

Mr. Peacock
loves patchwork, but it has to be the right kind of patchwork. Some of the mass-produced madras patchwork has become somewhat clichéd looking—I think because it looks a bit too perfect. Patchwork is charming when it’s not so perfect.
Leave it to Ralph Lauren to make a unique madras patchwork shirt that utilizes the heart and soul of the Indian textile colors and patterns—with a bit of a hippy vibe.

Vivid colors in stripes and checks are overprinted with patterns of paisley, leaves, and other forms—and patchworked into a shirt.
The color palette of these madras check swim trunks looks so vintage (50's or 60's)—but they’re brand new.

You can get a matching boy scout style madras shirt too.

There’s also a long sleeve madras check shirt available. The color palette would work well all the way through autumn, and look great worn with a sweater.

Band of Outsiders showed many fantastic madras plaid patchwork pieces in their Spring/Summer 2009 collection.

This plaid patchwork hooded jacket is one of my faves.

I love the details, including the tab at the neckline.

A great madras tie is an easy way to incorporate some pattern into your wardrobe.

I love the vibrant color palette of orange, red, sky blue and cream on this madras checked tie.

Madras plaid sport coats (they're on sale too) are perfect for either dressing it up with a tie, or dressing it down with a soft, worn t-shirt and cut off shorts.

Madras trousers also look good worn casually with your favorite shirt, or more polished with a navy blazer.

There are lots of great madras pieces for men this year. The lightweight fabric is ideal for hot weather. Mr. Peacock has a vintage pair of very soft madras patchwork pants that he’ll be lounging around in this summer.

What madras will you be wearing this summer?


MJ said...

I’ve had to intervene with a friend who is mad for Madras.

He was a walking example of Madras overkill so I had to take a photo of him to show him how a little pattern goes a long way.

So to those who are mad for plaid, remember to check the mirror first on your way out the door.

*takes own advice and removes one bracelet*

Paul Pincus said...

i love the j. press sport coats and the band of outsiders hooded jacket is great-looking.

btw, i thought your sleuth’s study was genius. what an eye you have!

jason said...

I have but one pair of madras shorts.
Back in the day, however...I had quite a collection of shirts.

I like those ties, however. I might just consider getting one.

Skitzo Leezra said...

Seems like I remember the Preppy Handbook's suggestion of soaking madras in salt water to set the dyes . . .
Have you seen the madras patchwork sneakers from Sperry?

Just Madras said...

Have you visited, please do we have a great selection of madras patchwork ties and belts for men!

Just madras where summer lives all year long!