Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Crazy for Patchwork!

You already know that Mr. Peacock loves plaid. But what could be better than plaid? Patchwork plaid!

My favorite plaid item in my wardrobe is this pair of vintage Brooks Brothers wool, patchwork plaid pants (above). I look forward to the holiday season each year, when the weather cools and I can wear my plaid patchwork pants...or as someone once remarked, “my clown pants.” I like to wear them with a black cashmere turtleneck sweater and black leather combat boots. The fabric is made up of different wool plaids that are sewn together to create the patchwork. I’m assuming the different plaid fabrics of these pants were excess fabrics from other Brooks Brothers products at the time—probably from the late 1950’s or early 1960’s. I found them at a thrift store on the Upper East Side (Manhattan), when I lived on 72nd and Lexington in the early 1990’s. The waist size was huge when I found them, but I purchased them anyway, because I was so enamored by the patchwork and craftsmanship of the pants. My tailor looked at me in horror when I brought him the pants, but he worked his magic on them and I’ve cherished these "clown pants" ever since.

If you would like to add a cherished patchwork piece into your wardrobe, here’s some ideas:

These slim fitting, narrow pants are made with different wool tweeds and cotton corduroys in muted browns and grays. They’re on sale here.

My dad would have loathed this jacket! But Mr. Peacock thinks this festive patchwork tartan tuxedo jacket would be perfect for a holiday soirée! It's also on sale here.

Maybe you want something less daring than a patchwork jacket or pants? These patchwork driving caps are both functional and handsome looking. Buy the brown hat here, and the gray hat here.

This scarf, in a patchwork of holiday looking plaids, could become your favorite winter accessory. Buy it here.

Here’s a shirt from the playful British menswear designer, Satyenkumar, that's more "pieced" plaid, than patchwork.

Mr. Peacock loves the two different plaids together. It looks elegant and modern with the blue velvet jacket. You can buy it here.

Still not sure about patchwork? Well, here’s a decadent Italian patchwork silk blanket, with velvet lining, you can curl up in while you decide. Stay warm!


Uncle Beefy said...

While I'm not entirely certain at my ability to pull of the patchwork coat...the j. crew pants are sending me over the edge! LOVE 'em! Mr. Peacock...you win again!

assignments writers said...

Finally some fashion post for guys, I love these check shirt and cap but why would one want to have check pants? Anyways thank you for sharing this post