Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sherlock Holmes Style

It’s Mr. Peacock’s birthday this week—so I will be posting items with Gemini connections.

Happy belated birthday to Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle aka Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (above and below), author of the Sherlock Holmes novels. This Gemini peacock was born on May 22, 1859, in Edinburgh, Scotland. Mr. Peacock loves his impeccably waxed bushy 'stache.

Above: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in his home c. 1912, and in Paris in 1925.

Mr. Peacock has always been fond of the Sherlock Holmes character in books, films, et all. It doesn’t matter to me who’s portraying the drug addicted sleuth in television or film adaptations, as long as the director keeps the mystery on edge—and the costumes are on the mark.

In anticipation of the Sherlock Holmes film (above) with Jude Law (Dr. Watson) and Robert Downey Jr. (Mr. Holmes)Mr. Peacock ponders what a modern “Sherlock Holmes” gentleman wardrobe would look like today?

A Modern Sherlock Gentleman click image to enlarge
1) A cotton trench coat—with a modern cut, an essential for any gentleman peacock
) Regimental striped ascot—also keeps your collar clean
3) Grey plaid duckbill hat
4) Military inspired watch, with a leather triple wrap band
5) Dunhill Dragoon Pipe, made of amber root
6) Cotton canvas shoes, with leather trim
7) Grey glen plaid 100% linen trousers
3) Green leather driving gloves

Above: Basil Rathbone (30’s and 40’s)—also a Gemini, June 13th!

A Sleuth’s Chic Study click image to enlarge
1) Tudor curio cabinet—to keep all of your research materials (by Jaime Hayon)
2) Copper pendant lighting
3) Canopy chair, with hand carved Alder frame
4) Recycled leather belt flooring
5) A parchment covered, dining table—used as a desk
6) A secret "book" box to keep all of your illicit goodies

Above: Peter Cushing (50’s and 60’s)—another Gemini, May 26th; Douglas Wilmer (60’s and 70’s)

A 21st Century Dr. Watson click image to enlarge
1) Straw derby hat
2) Charm necklace—souvenirs from previous cases?
3) A trusty mustache comb for tidy grooming
4) Indigo striped denim jacket, with leather buckle at the collar
5) Handmade large leather doctor bag
6) Suede monk strap oxford, with a rubber sole
7) Slim safari green chinos in a blend of linen and cotton

[download][download]Here’s the trailer for the Guy Ritchie directed Sherlock Holmes film—set to open in theaters in December. I’m not sure if I’m more excited that Robert Downey Jr. is playing Mr. Holmes, or that Jude Law is playing Dr. Watson? The costumes appear to be a visual treat.

Above: Jeremy Brett (80’s and 90’s)

The Sherlock Holmes Society of London recently made a memorial pilgrimage to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s grave. And here’s a link to the official website of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Literary Estate.

Above: Even Leonard Nimoy is a fan of Sherlock!

What’s your favorite Sherlock Holmes novel or trivia?


Ronald said...

Interesting idea a 21st century Sherlock movie...
Awsome outfits put together!

Jill said...

Most of the people I love are Gemini's. Your in good company! Such an informative post!

MJ said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Peacock!

There's a gift for you on my blog.


sunday mornings said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Peacock!
I've always been a huge fan of the Sherlock Holmes stories. When I was young, I always pictured Holmes as a handsome, dashing hero despite Doyle's reminders of his many character flaws (arrogance, misogyny, drug addiction, etc). But then I guess it is always difficult for young girls to NOT romanticize about the main male characters in literature. Out of all the screen adaptations of his character, I'd say Jeremy Brett probably nailed him the best. He wasn't quite the Holmes I had hoped he'd be but I think he's the most realistic. I am very curious to see Robert Downey Jr.'s portrayal of the legendary character in the new Holmes movie...I think it'll be fun to watch.

I also absolutely love the outfits you put together for the "modern" Holmes. This is one of those times I wish I were a man so I can actually pull an outfit like that off, even if it's at Halloween. :)

TJB said...

Many happy returns, Mr. Peacock! Those canvas and leather shoes are delish.

Mr. Peacock said...

Thank you everyone!!!

catbird said...

sherlock holmse stories were my absolute favorite as a kid - i bet i would still love them. thanks for reminding me. great post.

Anonymous said...

I have a Sherlock Holmes tie on my line for Spring '10. I'll send you the artwork as soon as I finalize it.


Jessica said...

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Yxl Ian said...

wow, so cool.I also like the Sherlock Holmes costume.

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Interesting idea a 21st century Sherlock movie...
Awsome outfits put together!