Monday, June 22, 2009

Proud as a Peacock…

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The male peafowl, or peacock, has long been known for its display of its dramatic tail feathers. The brilliant hued feathers of the Indian Blue peacock have always been prized as decorative accents, and inspiration for artists and fashion designers.

Did know the brilliant colors of the peacock plumage are due to an optical interference phenomenon (Bragg reflection) based on (nearly) periodic nanostructures found in the barbules (fiber-like components) of the feathers, which produce the peacock's iridescent hues (which shimmer and change with viewing angle), depending upon the angle of light.

Here’s Mr.Peacock's wish list of “namesake” inspired goodies:

1) This hand-painted Syracuse pattern, by Haviland, reminds me of a stylized peacock feather. My mother inherited a set of Haviland dishes from her great-great grandmother, and the porcelain is sublime. It’s pricey, but a single dish could be very chic used to catch loose change and keys.

2) A gilded Indian peacock mirror would add an exotic touch to an entryway or room. It has a large mirror in the center, surrounded by small mirror discs inset in the “plumes.”

3) This vintage 1960’s brass peacock table lamp would make a unique addition to your home. It has two bulbs, and rests on an ebony stained wood base.

4) A set of personalized note cards would make any gentleman peacock happy.

5) I found this peacock feather bric-a-brac at my favorite hardware store for around $3.75 a foot. The feathers are sandwiched (lightly glued in place) between a folded black grosgrain ribbon, and stitched closed along the seam. My photo doesn’t do this amazing bric-brac justice. It would be chic on the bottom of a lamp or window shade. Order some here, or check here.

6) Mr. Peacock loves these multi-colored leather boots. The sheen of colors reminds me of the iridescent hues of peacock plumage.

7) Peacocks are pheasants, and this little hardcover book, Extraordinary Pheasants, has a plethora of this beautifully plumed group of birds. Buy one here for under a dollar.

8) There are also many great fabrics inspired by the peacock. Mr. Peacock fancies this black and white pattern by Florence Broadhurst (at right).

This gentleman peacock's parents have a real live peacock that just showed up one day. Do you have a favorite peacock item?



Love this proud & colorful creature! Florence Broadhurst was/is a force of talent...watched a docu-movie on her, what a personality! ~XO*

MJ said...

Do you have a favorite peacock item?

YOU, of course!

And a pair of peacock earrings. Stop laughing.

I want to fondle those multi-colored leather boots.

tula said...

the brass, 60s, peacock lamp! be still my heart...

jason said...

That lamp!

I used to have a lifesized elaborately painted papier mache peacock, until it rotted away.:)
We were given the task of making a "favorite animal" in my grade school art class.
No boring dogs, ponies or kittens for me :)

Valay said...

Have an entire room dedicated to the bird...
A wrought iron bed, bedsheet and pillow covers, and some stencilled artworks on the walls....

Also designed at work this beautiful stone table with the plumage in Abalone & Mother of Pearl overlay on blk rough kadappa....

love that bird