Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thank you UK Elle Decoration!

A little bird (thanks Susan from Shop Curious) told Mr. Peacock to take a peek at page 67 in the July 2009 issue of the UK Elle Decoration magazine.

What a lovely surprise! Mr. Peacock has the honor of being included in their roster of “cool style blogs” alongside such wonderful folks like:

Jonathan Adler,

An Aesthete’s Lament,

Pure Style Online, and...

...the amazing and charismatic James Andrew, from What is James Wearing?

Mr. Andrew shared his inspirations and influences last March with Mr. Peacock, click here to read the interview.

UK Elle Decoration has always been a favorite read of Mr. Peacock. I’m thrilled for the kind shout-out from this incredibly stylish and inspirational magazine! Be sure to grab a copy of the July 2009 issue. Thank you UK Elle Decoration!


ayem8y said...

Very cool!

I feel on the cutting edge having discovered you before the mainstream. Now I suppose you’ll get too big for your plaid britches.

Just Kidding...Congratulations.

Uncle Beefy said...

(pause for dramatic effect)

Mr. Peacock, what an amazing way to have one's feathers to speak! Very proud of you!

Go on with your bad self!


MJ said...

*agrees with Ayem8y*

Yes, we knew him when he was quietly blogging away in his plaid patchwork “clown pants.”


Congratulations, Mr. P!

*applause all ‘round*

UK Elle Decoration is just finding out NOW what WE knew all along.

And will you look at the incredibly unique and stylish outfits on that James fellow!

You’ll NEVER find anyone like him here on the west coast of Canada.

p.s. I am a closet Aesthete’s Lament reader. Shhh.

Oh, and Bedlam of Beefy too.


I'm clapping Mr P!!!
So happy for you~

Mr. Peacock said...

Hi everyone...

Thank you so much
for the kind comments...
and interest in my blog!

It's been very fun and
gratifying being part of
the this great blogosphere,
especially with
interesting folks like you!

A big thanks!
Mr. Peacock

Anonymous said...

You've done a consistently wonderful job. The tone is upbeat and positive. It feeds the soul.

Matt Fox said...

That's great! Congrats!

jon said...

i saw that! and since UK elle Decoration is like, the bible- being called out is like- being touched by the hands of God- Congrats!!!

thombeau said...

Awesome, and well deserved!

Paul Pincus said...

congratulations, mr. peacock!!!

ps you know i think you're genius ; )