Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Square Dancin’

A suit is an essential wardrobe investment piece for any gentleman. A pocket square is a great way to add some flair to your ensemble and keep your suit looking fresh. This small piece of fabric (silk, wool, cotton) will give you a touch of color and decoration—which can really make your suit come alive and “dance”.

Above left to right: Cator has a magical touch with his pocket squares; Aaron fancies gingham squares; Barima likes to mix it up; and Todd's pocket kerchief is always tidy and elegant.

Many peacocks express their personality with their pocket square. Some gentlemen meticulously fold their kerchief, while other gents casually drape it into their pocket. There isn't a right or wrong method to "folding" a pocket square. You just have to figure out what works for your personality and taste.

Purples & pinks can add a romantic touch to a dark suit (charcoal gray suit above), but still be masculine.

Above from left to right: This purple & burgundy pocket square reminds me of a Moroccan tile; purple paisley—you know Mr. Peacock likes purple; an elegant periwinkle square; and this fuschia kerchief reminds me of a pink magic carpet.

Mr. Peacock is obsessed with this amazing Navy Lace Print kerchief.

I’m fascinated by the intricate details of the printed "lace" pattern.

Pocket squares with blues & reds always look nice too.

Above: Etro creates decadent and rich patterned pocket squares; a classic polka dot pocket square—I love polka dots; and these selvedge chambray pocket squares look vintage.

Yellows & oranges will add a sparkle to any gray or dark suit (charcoal suit above).

Above: Mustard yellow square; a classic red paisley kerchief—I love paisley too; an orange and brown plaid; a rich looking paisley with orange highlights.

These beautiful Bird of Paradise pocket squares use greens & browns, which would look handsome with almost any suit...and perfect for fall. They're a blend of wool and silk.

Grays & blacks are always an elegant choice for coordinating with your suit.

Above clockwise from top left: Italian paisleys and medallions; a gray and black striped square; a sophisticated black polka dot with a purple trim; a subtle selvedge striped chambray pocket square.

These Italian ties and pocket squares are sold in coordinating sets. You can see how easy it is to mix and coordinate a tie color and pattern with a pocket square.

A pocket square doesn’t have to be a color to give your suit ensemble a finishing touch—it can be white. And it doesn’t even have to be square—these pocket squares are round.

Mr. Peacock likes to wear feathers as a pocket square. Don’t be afraid to experiment with pocket squares. Find something that works with your personality and taste.


Barima said...

Yesterday, I realised my new favourite pocket square was missing. I'm still hurting inside

Great post with some excellent tips for further investigation. Honoured to be included. I like the idea of feathers but I think it might put my general outfits too far over the top - I can save them for the suits, perhaps

TJB said...

I love that particular feather: the color, the texture, everything. Wherever did you find it?

I always wear a pocket square with a jacket. It's such a great way to add a pop of color or pattern to an otherwise conservative outfit, and as you pointed out, a relatively inexpensive way to give new life to your wardrobe staples. I'll be honest: I can't afford to buy a half-dozen new suits or jackets each season, but I can, and do, invest in an array of squares and ties to keep my ensembles fresh and interesting.

Thanks for including me once again, Mr. Peacock. As I sit here in my plaid shorts and pink oxford and flip flops (hey, it's my first day off in over a week), I feel quite unworthy. Must go change now.

The Mistress said...

I thought of you and TJB last week when I spotted a man at the bus stop wearing a gaily coloured pocket square.

You don't see many men wearing pocket squares up here (a pity, really) so my eye was immediately drawn to it.

Unfortunately, the rest of his ensemble left us cold…

A woman’s scarf tied about his neck, a baby blue polyester suit, and running shoes.


He DID look confident about his choices though, I’ll give him that.

TJB said...

"...A woman’s scarf tied about his neck, a baby blue polyester suit, and running shoes."

Are you sure he didn't live at the bus stop?

Rene Schaller said...

dear robert,

I talked to you about a guy from berlin, to you remember? Today I visited him and his tie-factory... this place is like heaven. I've never seen something more excellent and with more style (see some pictures at my blog).

His gift for me was a tie in pailey... I had to chance to get a tie in pattern I choose from his archive and a woman made it for me. Could see each step and now I have MY tie for fall.

You really should get in touch with him, you will love his work and the whole concept!

Best regards from Berlin, René

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

The feather pocket sq should be yours Mr P! well, I think you should have a peacock pet~ I'd say...

Paul Pincus said...

a feather! you're genius. x,-p.p.

PocketSquareZ said...

Just my style. Some people like to be over the top with there accessories. I particularly like

I have never seen anything like them !