Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sweater Weather

My apartment is cold and drafty this evening, and I had to put on one of my favorite sweaters. It’s a navy blue shawl collar cardigan—a hand-me-down from my father. He always wore it in the winter time when he was replacing golf club grips in the drafty workroom at his pro-shop. There are even a few drops of hardened glue (or cement) inside one of the pockets. Sweater weather has begun, and Mr. Peacock is dreaming of new cozy chunky knit cardigan sweater with a shawl collar. Here are some of my favorites on my wish list.

This soft, chunky cable knit cardigan (a blend of cashmere, lambs wool, nylon and angora) is at the top of my list. I love the oversize buttons—they give this “traditional” sweater a modern twist.

Mr. Peacock adores this colorful reverse stitch knit cardigan with corozo nut buttons. Turning a traditional fairisle sweater inside out inspired this colorful pattern. This colorful hand knit sweater would be very welcoming on a gray winter day.

This chunky black and brown sweater looks like it has a shawl collar, but is actually a hoodie. How cozy would that be on cold and windy autumn days? It also comes in a gray and brown version.

This dark gray "grandpa sweater" has a shawl collar and pockets just like grandpa’s, but an off-center zipper front modernizes this beauty. It's also available in a light gray.

I love the color combination of this beige wool sweater adorned with swallows and folkloric design. The wrong colorway could have easily made this sweater a bit kitschy, but this palette shines with sophistication and personality.

This black and white wool cardigan looks like a beautiful handmade vintage sweater. The chunky zipper pull makes it modern and functional.

You don’t’ have to herd reindeer to appreciate the pattern on this contemporary cardigan in tones of gray.

Mr. Peacock always looks forward to sweater weather and wearing sweaters, m
aybe it’s due to growing up in a cold climate with snow. What are you looking forward to wearing this autumn?


pve design said...

I have a wonderful chunky sweater coat that I adore once old man winter comes a blowin...but I really love my new orange cords which look great with so many colors. You found a fab collection of fun cardigans.
I have a leather, zip front cardigan, that I love too- when I want to look one part soho city slicker.

That's Not My Age said...

Mr Peacock I love a chunky sweater but do you not find that living in a city and having central heating means there's little option to wear one?

The Mistress said...

You see a lot of Cowichan sweaters up here.

Mr. Peacock said...

Happy Autumn everyone....

Hi pve design...
your orange cords sound spiffy!!!

That's not my age....
You're lucky...with central heating
you have the luxury to wear
flip-flops year round inside
your home, but these old flats
with radiators are still drafty!
Many San Francisco flats
still have radiators
(as did my apartments in Manhattan).
They are either too hot,
or not working at all.
I actually had a couple "tapped-off"
at my place for functionality—
so I can get more stuff in the room.
I don't mind wearing a sweater,
but my feet still get cold!

How are you?
Oh what a beautiful sweater!
The new sweaters just can't compare
to the real Cowichan work! Wow!

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