Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Color My World...

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Mr. Peacock loves colors! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of black & white, but colors can really influence your mood—they make me happy. Peacock icon David Hockney always uses color to accentuate and enliven his artwork. These brightly colored goodies are homage to Mr. Hockney and his exuberant use of color throughout his career.

1) You can receive a subscription of 25 different colors each month for 20 months—for a total of 500 different colored pencils. Each color has a name and story—there’s even a color called “Peacock”! I would love to see what David Hockney would create with these 500 colored beauties.

2) This brightly striped wool blend sweater with muted bands of heathered grays could have been inspired from one David Hockney’s “jumpers” from the 1960’s.

3) Mr. Peacock stayed at a lovely hotel in London and this beautifully woven "travel thread kit" was in my room. I was so enamored by the beauty of this woven band, that I’ve never pulled a single thread from this kaleidoscope of threads. I use it as an inspirational talisman when I need a jolt of color creativity. You don’t have to stay at hotel to get your own, you can order your own Travel Thread Kit here.

4) When I was about 7 years old, I was obsessed with the Lillian Vernon catalog. For those of you unfamiliar with Lillian Vernon, it was a mail order catalog (more like an oversize pamphlet) with very inexpensive gifts and “useful” items for your home. Many of the items could be personalized with your monogram or name. I convinced my mother that I needed the pencils with my name printed in gold ink for school—and she ordered a set for me. I was very proud of my personalized pencils—I didn’t even want to use them. You can still order a set of 12 personalized pencils from Lillian Vernon for only $4.98.

5) It’s not always easy to find good men’s socks that come in colors beyond black, gray, navy or white—but Happy Socks has every color for men and women. They make me think of David Hockney’s mismatched colored socks.

6) I couldn’t show colors without showing a necktie. This tie’s palette of colors look like they were taken from a Hockney painting from when he lived in Los Angeles. I like the bright stripes of yellow, pink, red and green contrasting with the navy on this elegant tie.

7) A peacock’s wardrobe isn’t complete without some sort of striped wool scarf. This scarf would brighten even the grayest winter day.

8) You could use your colored pencils and make a drawing inside each these 12 bright colored and patterned blank notecards—and mail them to your friends.

9) The colors of these rugby shirts remind me of something Mr. Hockney would have worn in the 1980’s. You can wear one now. The red rugby has a number 7 on the back, and the mustard striped rugby has a number 12.

What colors makes you happy?


TJB said...

My favorite colors for fall: eggplant, pumpkin, dark green, burgundy, and various shades of brown.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

I just bought a beautiful paul smith swirley striped scarf and am itching for some chilly weather to break it out! said...

i just bought a nice pull-over hoodie from H&M last weekend. each sleeve is a different color, as are the pocket, hood, string, and cuffs. something different for my mostly black wardrobe.

The Mistress said...

Opening my closet is like looking at a rainbow.

And yes, I arrange my clothing by colour.

But I never had the thrill of personalized pencils!

Michael Guy said...

Yeah, me too. I'm lurving the personalized pencils.

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Color glorious mood the pencils~


Nicolette said...

If only there are rainbow color interior designs that look as amazing as these ones. I would love to see these colors at Furniture and Design Ideas.


Anonymous said...
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pve design said...

I adore color! In NY there is always a sea of black and I love to wear color to stand out! My fave is green!
Lime to deep evergreen, so many nature.