Thursday, September 10, 2009

Plaid as Hell

(click image above to enlarge)
Mr. Peacock always look forward to autumn and winter clothes—like sweaters, woolen tweeds, boots, and of course plaids in flannel and wool. Maybe because I grew up with cold winters in Colorado, and had to walk to school with blowing snow and temperatures below zero. The weather is still very warm right now in San Francisco, but all of the storefronts are proudly displaying their autumn/winter goodies—including lots of plaid. You probably already know that Mr. Peacock is quite fond of plaid. Here are some of my favorite red plaids for the upcoming season:

1) Every peacock needs a tartan tie. This wool Irish tartan tie is a beauty, but there are many wonderful tartan ties available this season—invest in one you love!

2) Whether you have to walk to school in the snow, or just run from the subway to your office—this plaid trapper hat, with faux fur, will keep your ears toasty warm.

3) Don’t wait until the holidays to wear plaid. This red Stewart plaid cashmere buttoned vest would be perfect layering item this autumn as the weather cools down.

4) This plaid dopp kit looks like it could be right out the closet of gentleman peacock Tartan Scot.

5) Mr. Peacock loves these rugged Buffalo plaid boots, and almost wishes there was snow where I live (almost, not quite)...just so I could justify wearing these amazing wool topped duck style boots.

6) Banish the black umbrellas! Go plaid with this red umbrella—it also comes in a great red & blue plaid (right).

7) Mr. Peacock had so many cozy “shirt-jackets” growing up! This red & navy shirt -jacket is classic and yet modern too (it’s cut a bit shorter than the ones I had as a kid). It would be a great addition to your wardrobe this year.

8) Leave it to Tom Ford to make this classic winter party ensemble look modern—black velvet jacket, white shirt with studs and cuffs, patent black pumps, and red plaid trousers! I’m on the fence with the sheer nylon socks.

9) I also love Woolrich Woolen Mills. They take classic silhouettes and gives them a modern twist. I like this red wool jacket with the shawl collar, and the chunky red wool bow tie.

10) These red wool plaid pants are on sale right now (shhh, they’re from last year).

Plaid never really fades from fashion. This year it's a plaid as hell season—it’s everywhere, and Mr. Peacock is in plaid heaven! Invest in plaid pieces you really love, and incorporate them into your own style.

What plaids are you going to be wearing this autumn?


TJB said...

#8 - Ralph Lauren did this back in the 1970's. I rather like it, although I think the plaid pants might devour my small frame.

Plaids... I think I'll stick with my usual suspects of plaid ties, bow ties, and pocket squares. Oh, and glen and Prince of Wales plaids, of course.

Scot Meacham Wood said...

Yay! - and another 'Yay.' oh wait, just one more 'Yay!'

and, 'Yay,'

The Mistress said...

Nay, I say.

No plaid for Mistress MJ.

However, whenever I see plaid, I think of you!

SkitzoLeezra said...

THIS is the plaid I would like to see this season, worn as a face wrap.

pve design said...

My 16 year old has a penchant for plaid and skinny pants. I love that look and am so glad I have some vintage pendeltons....I love blackwatch!!!

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