Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Shrine to Owls

Every time Mr. Peacock walks to the park he passes an apartment that has dozens of stacked and hanging owls displayed in their window. This kooky display is made up of various macramé owls, owl lanterns, owl candle holders and owl figurines of every shape and size—creating a "curtain-of-owls" over the window. Some of the owls are hanging, while other are stacked on shelves made of wood planks resting on old coffee cans. All of the owls are strategically placed in the window with each of their faces looking out at people passing by on the sidewalk.

Mr. Peacock hasn't seen or noticed who lived at this apartment or who manages this massive collection of owls. So after years of admiring this menagerie, I finally decided to walk over and take a few photos to document its wacky artfulness. As I approached the apartment widow, I noticed a Bear standing at the gate of the building with a tote bag full of groceries—checking his mailbox. This gentleman peacock looked like he could also be a card carrying member of the Radical Fairiesdressed in his purple jacket, pink scarf and large owl-like glasses. It was a moment of pure serendipity.

I asked him, “Is this your owl collection?”
Mr. Owl pensively responded, “Yes.”

I replied,
“How long have you been collecting owls and do mind if I take a few photos?
“A very long time...yes, you can take pictures”
he softly answered.

And before I could ask him anything else, Mr. Owl quickly slipped through the entry gate and into his apartment...

Some cultures believe that owls are good luck, while other cultures tend to think of them as evil omens. No matter where you stand on the subject, you can't deny that this unusual bird has become quite popular this past year or so as a decorative icon. Mr. Peacock once witnessed a real owl in action and was stunned by the quick accuracy of this amazing predator bird. It was fascinating to watch their sonar in action while hunting prey—but not a happy event to witness. Here’s a few owls that Mr. Peacock would like to add to the owl shrine:

This woodsy owl candle reminds me of a big pine cone with eyes. You can buy one here.

One of these iron owl doorstops would be cute too. Buy one here.

This vintage French owl lamp, made of resin...could add some spooky charm. More information here.

Mr. Peacock embroidered this pink owl on his mom’s wrangler jeans in 5th grade.

I have a vintage porcelain owl, that I already showed you with my underwater vase collection. I guess when I get tired of my owls, I can bequeath them to the owl shrine. The Gothic Rose usually has some interesting owl ephemera too.

When you collect things, it’s always a challenge to figure out the proper way to display and store your goodies, but still enjoy them. This wacky owl shrine might not be everyone's cup of tea...but I commend Mr. Owl's passion for putting his entire collection of owls right in the front window of his apartment for everyone to enjoy and talk about. How do you share and enjoy your collections?


Scott Fazzini said...

I would be the happiest man today if I could own that vintage resin owl lamp!

Kylie said...

I want to meet that man! I'm owl obsessed, as well...

Mr. Bluehaunt said...

I want that resin lamp as well!

Mr. Peacock said...

I love that lamp too!
I've seen many owl lamps before,
but not like this one...