Thursday, January 15, 2009

Everything's FINE AND DANDY...

Matt Fox, the shopkeeper of Fine and Dandy Shop, stocks a very thoughtful and reasonably priced collection of accessories that would appeal to any gentleman peacock. In addition to ties, hats and socks, Mr. Fox also has a great selection of money clips, tie bars, cuff links and pocket squares. The median price point for these dapper goodies is only about forty bucks.

Above: Matt Fox portrait, drawn by the very talented designerman (check out his clever blog, What I Saw Today)

Mister Peacock: How would you describe your own style?
Matt Fox: New dandy...stealing components from dapper men of yesteryear, but put together in a modern, fresh way.

Here's some sartorial goodies at Fine and Dandy Shop (above left to right) tie with the regal pegasus, quirky little key-chain with a rotating airplane, lavender bordered handkerchief with a purple medallions, suave grey hat with a feather adornment, "Always coming-always going" bi-fold poplin wallet with auto graphic.

MP: What's your daily uniform?
MF: Well-fitting suit, skinny tie, tie bar, bright/fun socks, wing tips.

MP: How old were you when you realized you were a peacock?
MF: From my earliest memory I remember always wanting to look good. I was known in high school as the kid who wore a tie each day.

Above: This very classic, but very current hat is on sale here for only $45.

MP: Who or what inspires you?
MF: My grandfather and other fashionable men of his age. Style is very natural for these guys.

Above: A pocket square is a nice accoutrement for any modern peacock. Buy one here.

MP: What current trends in menswear to you adore?
MF: Dandyism, of course. I love that bow ties, skinny ties, tie bars, etc. have gained popularity in the last several years.

MP: Abhor?
MF: Mass-marketed, ill-fitting/oversized casual clothing. Oh, and Casual Friday.
Fine and Dandy Shop has a great array of bow ties. Buy some here.

MP: What's your favorite item in your own wardrobe?

MF: My bow tie collection. I have nearly 50. Some new, some vintage. Some are tiny and some are ridiculously big.

Above left to right: Classic leather key fobs for only $7, Silver crown tie pin, Cuff links fit for a King, old school leather coin pouch, Silk knot cuff links (part of a set of 3 pairs)

MP: Tote bag or satchel
MF: I'm currently carrying a soft, vintage, brown, leather brief case.

MP: Favorite menswear designer?
MF: Currently intrigued by Antonio Azzuolo. Very dandy/nerdy/young. Very fresh.

Above: Antonio Azzuolo—Fall/Winter 08/09

MP: What is your dream wardrobe purchase?
MF: Bespoke clothing in general. I love the idea of clothing made specifically for me.

Above: Every peacock needs a collection of scarves in their wardrobe. Buy wool or silk scarves here.

Add some peacock flair to your wardrobe today and stop by the Fine and Dandy Shop. For a daily dose of dandyism—be sure to check out the Fine and Dandy Shop blog. Mr. Fox also has some great photo albums of "new school dandies" over at his Facebook. Thanks Matt!


designerman said...

looks great! and i'm a big fan of antonio's work too.

designerman said...

matt - i didn't realize you had such a chic selection of products to sell.

very impressive...

-h of candid cool said...

i plan on ordered myself one of those key fobs. they are exactly what ive been looking for.

Ray Frensham said...

Take it from me, Matt is an excellent and splendid chap and his website is very well worth a dip into. said...

I believe everyone must look at this.