Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rollin' the Dice

Let's hope the economy gets back on track after President Obama's inauguration...but until then we can dream about these goodies:
(click image to enlarge)

1) Finally a book devoted to the talents of the late peacock Stephen Sprouse! Mr. Sprouse was one of the first American designers to mix graffiti and a punk aesthetic with fashion. Mr. Peacock remembers repeatedly going into the only US location of Printemps and trying on an amazing Stephen Sprouse jacket over and over again. The jacket was way beyond my budget at the time, but it was very seductive each time I tried it on—I now regret not splurging. His unique sensibility has inspired designers from John Galliano to Marc Jacobs. The graffiti logo bags he designed in collaboration with Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton in 2001 sold-out instantly, but an updated Stephen Sprouse for Louis Vuitton collection will be back at Louis Vuitton stores this Friday. Pre-order the Stephen Sprouse book here or here.

This Gambler's Lockbox Key & Die Necklace would make a splendid talisman for 2009—the key symbolizing new opportunities and the die symbolizing prosperity or courageous risks. The oxidized sterling silver key and die gently hang on a 28” sterling silver chain. Keep in mind that the die is an antique found object from the 1800’s, so each one will slightly vary. Quantities of this Digby & Iona necklace are limited, buy one here.

3) New Year's Eve is over, but you can still drink lots of champagne and even the cheap stuff would taste better in these exquisite old-school champagne saucers. These modern looking “Series B” Champagne Cups were designed by Josef Hoffman in 1912 using a technique called “Bronzitdekor” in which the crystal surface is decorated with a brownish-black enamel. These beauties aren't cheap, so don't let your friends get too tipsy and accidentally break one. These champagne cups are permanently on Mr. Peacock's gift registry. Buy a set here.

4) This charming Domino Box (12”w x 6”d x 6.25”h) would be perfect for stashing game cards or even real dominoes. It’s hand painted and made of south pine lumber with a neatly hinged lid. Its simplistic folk art style would be a nice contrast in a modern interior. Buy one here.

4) Mr. Peacock loves this witty Lucien Pellat-Finet cashmere sweater embellished with faux aviator sunglasses made of tiny gold and silver crystals. You can also order a custom Lucien Pellat-Finet cashmere sweater with Lucien’s iconic “leaf” or skull , or other selected graphics in whatever colors you choose. Take a look here. FYI: Mr. Peacock is a size medium.


Paul Pincus said...

love this list. i've been a fan of lucien pellat-finet forever! there is a fantastic stephen sprouse exhibit opening this week at john mcwhinnie. i'm pre-ordering my copy of the sprouse title right after i leave here : )

josef hoffman. enough said! cheers, -p.p.

Mr. Peacock said...

Thanks Paul!
I wish I was there to see the exhibit. It's such a great experience seeing things like that close-up and in person...

For everyone in New York here's the info for the Stephen Sprouse exhibit:
John McWhinnie at Glenn Horowitz Bookseller is pleased to present Stephen Sprouse: Drawings 1970s-1980s, an exhibition featuring 100 pieces of the artist’s original fashion drawings and inspirational related ephemera. The exhibit will open Saturday, January 10th, 2009 with a reception from 6-8pm and run through February 21st.

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