Friday, January 23, 2009

Mood Indigo

Is the world making you feel blue?
Don't fret, we have a new President and spring will be here before we know it. In the meantime these indigo blue goodies will give you some inspiration:

(click image to enlarge)

1) This indigo beauty is made in the same factories as the famous Goyard luggage. It’s made with premium Japanese Denim and saddle leather and would be a very chic weekend bag for quick getaways or even just a short trip to the gym. For more information click here.

2) These two-tone blue and white socks are reminiscent of a Missoni sweater. It’s very fashionable now for men to bare their ankles, but Mr. Peacock still appreciates a nice pair of socks. Get a pair for yourself here.

3) Men have an unlimited choice of black and brown belts, but how often do you see a nice blue belt? Leave it to Marc Jacobs to offer this economical ($32) navy blue leather belt. This belt is also available in “natural”—which would also look great with jeans. More information here.

4) Mr. Peacock is swooning over the authentic 1930’s retro styling of this Sugar Cane Work Shirt made with premium 9-ounce Japanese selvage denim. It’s all in the details and this shirt has plenty of exquisite details including: a double-button tab collar, triple stitched seams, ventilators at armpit and upper shoulders, octagon-shape bakelite-style buttons, and a red selvage edge on the darts at shirttail seams. It sure beats any of the faux retro styling offered by chain apparel stores—and the price is a true value for a shirt of this quality. Order information here.

5) The humble and iconic blue and white paisley bandana is elevated to a new level with this silk version by Rogue’s Gallery. It would look fantastic, worn casually around your neck with your workers shirt (see item #4). It’s on sale too—buy one here. If you prefer one without any words or branding, you can get a similar one here. Or you can stick with the real deal here. Careful, don't style it like a Crips.

6) Mr. Peacock would be tap dancing on the stars in these Lanvin shoes made with dark denim and black leather. These denim & leather oxfords would look equally nice paired with more denim (ie... jeans) or with a nice pair of dress slacks. Order a pair or two (Mr. Peacock wears a size 10) here.

7) This pair of enameled black & white magpie pin badges aren’t colored blue, however, these little birds would look fantastic pinned on an indigo denim jacket. Order a pair here.

Enjoy your weekend!


Uncle Beefy said...

LOOOOVe #1, #4 is pretty sharp...and me thinks I may even be liking #6? Hmmm? Some nice choices, Mister! :)

Mr. Peacock said...

Uncle Beefy...
You would look fantastic in #4...
and #6 too.