Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stoned Soul Picnic*

(click image above to enlarge)
Summertime is quickly approaching and that means picnics, festivals, barbecues, the beach, et all. Whether you’re dining al fresco at Dolores Park, Fire Island, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, or just your own backyard or terrace…here’s some goodies for your outdoor soiree.

1) Mr.Peacock loves these exotic looking Bongenre Melamine plates in vivid colors with swirls and mandala patterns. They are available in 9", 10" or 12" plates.

2) This clever ice orb is a vertical ice tray. It can be used as an ice bucket, a cold vessel for foods (ie dips), or as a champagne or wine cooler. It makes 21 cubes and can store up to 51 cubes.

3) These eco-friendly bamboo utensils can be used over and over again at all of your outdoor parties.

4) Dwell Studio designed these chic black & white cotton napkins for Target. What a bargain for $9.99 for a set of four!

5) Any gentleman peacock would appreciate this self-contained folding hardwood picnic table. Don’t limit it to picnics, it would also make a great indoor bar table for your next party.

6) This inexpensive polywoven picnic basket and flatware caddy would come in handy for hauling or organizing goodies for your alfresco feast. The colors and woven pattern reminds me of a sewing basket my mother had when I was kid.

7) This little lime green charcoal picnic grill (15"d, 12"h) will come in handy for grilling kabobs and quesadillas this summer. The lid locks in place and features vent holes and a silicone-topped handle. And the compact design makes it great for setting up just about anywhere.

Don't wait until the last minute (like Mr. Peacock), be prepared for your next summer event and organize your goodies now! Surry down to a stoned soul picnic! *homage to Laura Nyro


Beth Dotolo said...

That's a picnic I'd like to be on! I actually just ordered the hubs a lime green grill for father's day... A lime green weber from c&b.

MJ said...

All that's needed now is one of those novelty BBQ aprons and you're good to go!

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