Thursday, June 3, 2010

Adieu Tobias Wong

Mr Peacock was taken aback when he read about the passing of artist, Tobias Wong (above, from Esquire 2007) this week. I didn't know this fellow Gemini peacock personally, but it pained me deeply reading his obituary.

Whenever these tragedies happen (as with Alexander McQueen), I want to swoop in at their moment of despair and help them see a glimmer of hope. A personal friend of mine, took their own life last year, and I’m still saddened and in shock.

Here’s some of Mr. Peacock’s favorite Tobias Wong pieces.

Cokespoon #1 2005
Part of his INDULGANCES range (for the man that has absolutely everything). Gold plated, bronze cast Bic pen cap. Get your own here.

Cokespoon #2 (with Ken Courtney) 2005
Based on the 1980’s McDonald’s coffee stirrer.

Silver Pills 1998
“24 hours of pure silver leaf—so your shit will sparkle”

Calling Card 2002
Laser cut semi-transparent film stock with web address laser engraved.

Tattoo 2002
Tobias Wong asked artist Jenny Holzer (at an exhibit of hers) to write a maxim “Protect me from what I want” and signed it in ink on his arm. Mr. Wong turned it into a tattoo.

Money Pad 2000
100 real dollar bills bound with peelable notepad glue and cardboard backing.

Ballistic Rose 2004
Part of the permanent collection of MoMA New York. Get one here.

Mr. Peacock sends his heartfelt sympathy to Mr. Wong’s partner and family.


Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Witty designs~
always so sad to hear, when young talented people passes away young.
My neighbor took his own life a few years ago too.
p e a c e*

Susan said...

Curiously inventive designs, but it's sad that some only achieve the fame they crave through death.

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jason said...

so sad. Such genius.

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