Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hide your nuts...

Halloween has passed, and before we know it Thanksgiving will be upon us. Squirrels are busy hiding nuts and other goodies for winter. I find people either love or hate this little bushy tailed rodent. When I was a kid, I would watch squirrels raid goodies from my Grandmother LaViolette's garden—quickly grabbing fruit off the trees and skipping away along the top of the fences. She'd run and get her pellet gun and try to scare them away. I rarely see squirrels where I live, although I did see a jack rabbit the other day at my office parking lot. Here’s some squirrels I’m nuts over:

This photo of "The Squirrelton Twins" makes me laugh. You can order a print here.

Mr. Peacock is fond of these carved squirrel bookends. They’re sold as a pair, but one of these wood squirrels would look regal (and vintage) as an object on your desk.

High & low porcelain squirrels: The blue & white squirrel bank looks, at a glance, like a traditional piece of Delftware. But look closer, and you’ll see the detailed and modern hand painted surface. These squirrel salt & pepper shakers look vintage. They could add a whimsical and woodland touch to your Thanksgiving table (they’re on sale too).

This rustic squirrel planter would look great with some mums resting in the acorn. If you don’t have a garden it could simply be used as a vessel to hold something on your Thanksgiving buffet (line it with another bowl or plastic wrap).

A bushy tailed squirrel, or parachuting squirrels both look graphic on these nutty t-shirts.

This porcelain drawer pull (1.75" diameter), with a drawing of a squirrel, would add a touch of whimsy to a nightstand with a drawer.

These squirrel blankets look like they could be a clip from some vintage cartoon.

Of course a squirrel can crack nuts...this nutty squirrel will crack them for you.

A little squirrel pillow (about 7" high) could find a home on a chair, and the back is a vintage patchwork fabric!

I like this home made looking felt squirrel. It's hand-stitched with embroidered eyes and nose.

This matte porcelain squirrel lamp could softly illuminate a dark hall or entryway.

This letterpress card with a squirrel (a set of six) says, “Thank you.”

...and Mr. Peacock thanks you for stopping by...I hope I don't drive you nuts!


pve design said...

Your Grandmother and my Grandmother would have been nuts for one another. My Grandmother had it out for those squirrels, she was a real prankster and knew how to trap them, capture them and then play jokes...she was nutty like that, but it was all in defense of her garden that had to feed nine children.

I love them and I am so excited about the chipmunks new movie. I look outside and can watch them for hours, gathering, darting, playing and going nuts!
Looks like we are in for a cold winter. lots of nuts here.

Scott Fazzini said...

I've been nuts about squirrels since I lived in Squirrel Hill (a neighborhood in Pittsburgh,PA) while in college. I've never seen the Squirrelton Twins, but I'm completely in LOVE!

Kim said...

OK, now I'm really starting to think we've lived parallel lives! I grew up in Denver, live in the Bay Area (SF for years, now Berkeley) and there are jackrabbits in the parking lot where *I* work!


Barima said...

The things squirrels can do these days is almost limitless, it seems...


David said...

I too love watching squirrels. The neighborhood of DC where I live has loads of solid black furred squirrels that I had never experienced before.

Susan said...

Ooo those squirrels are so curiously cute! Not so when one squirreled its way into my bedroom from a tree outside the window. It was a very scary experience - probably more for the squirrel than me. Though apparently, if you frighten them they bite and you need a tetanus injection. Anyway, I tried to coax it back to the window with a trail of bread, but, it wasn't interested in the bread once I opened the window wide enough for it to escape. Meantime, it had shat all over my bed and my dressing table - very un-cute behavioiur.

Anonymous said...

We had a tablescape on my front porch that included locally plucked "weeds," a gnome, a couple of gourds and three ears of dried corn. Very autumnal. When we arrived home late Halloween evening, the corn was gone and the leaves were strewn around the walk. My partner blamed the kids in the neighborhood. My response was "duh" - kids would have grabbed the gnome. The squirrels squirrelled away the corn for winter!

SkitzoLeezra said...

Who doesn't like a nut lickin' squirrel?
So funny that I saw this post today right after listening to 2 squirrels fuss at me the 20 minutes I picked up pecans today under "their" tree in my yard.

wecouldgrowup2gether said...

Squirrels are very IN these days

Nina said...

My friend, Jessica Holada (aka SquirrelGirl) is going to appreciate this.

Cat Sitter in the City said...

I love squirrels. When I was a kid, we had this squirrel named George (well, we didn't really "have" him because he was a wild squirrel), and he would stand on our porch railing begging for peanut butter sandwiches. He would let you put the sandwich right into his little squirrel hands. Too cute.

Also, thanks for the dazzling array of squirrel items. I just might have to order that squirrel people print!

Interior Design said...

Seeing squirrels as a furniture or part of your interior design reminds me of taxidermy. However, the rustic squirrel planter is a hoot - that pleased look on the squirrel's face is priceless. Still, interesting choice for your fashion statement.