Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Power of Pockets

Mr. Peacock has always had a thing for jackets (and shirts) with lots of pockets—the more the merrier. Pockets, historically speaking, always served a utilitarian purpose on a garment (form follows function).

Above: Mr. Peacock’s cherished vintage Osh Kosh denim work wear jacket with functional pockets (see pocket detail at top).

Each pocket was there for a reason, whether it was to hold a tool, identification cards, hunting accouterments, or even just keys. I guess that’s why I like pockets too—they hold all the stuff I like to carry with me including my subway pass, post-it notes, business cards, and various other bits.

There are many great garments, with pockets, this season for gentlemen peacocks.
And the wonderful vintage work wear vibe is strong. Admittedly, the pockets are now often more decorative than utilitarian...but hey, everyone can use an extra pocket now and then. Here are some of Mr. Peacock’s pocketed favorites.

Contrasting grays make this wooly shirt jacket both good looking and functional.

The jacket has a hidden front zipper and button placket.

Mr. Peacock is swooning over this charcoal gray heavy Melton jacket, although it may be a too warm for San Francisco (with the exception of a handful of very cold days).
The detailing on the backside. I like the contrasting white stitching too!

This cotton bomber jacket with detachable pockets is more military inspired than work wear inspired. There’s even pockets on the backside.

I love the detachable pockets, and the chunky gold zipper and gold hardware.

Mr. Peacock also loves this denim shirt with 5 pockets. The smaller fifth pocket would hold my subway pass quite nicely.

A pocket detail of this work wear inspired denim shirt.

This engineer’s jacket is homage to the workers of the American Machine Age.

But you don’t have to be a construction worker on a skyscraper to appreciate the details and practical construction of this amazing jacket.

This utility chambray shirt also has many wonderful details including the front placket...

...and the chest pockets and elbow seams.

A pocket protector would be difficult to insert on this black cotton shirt with layered chest pockets (at right).

What do you carry in your pockets?


Bottega Veneta said...


pve design said...

My daughter loved "pocket day" in 2nd grade!

The Thrifters said...

Love the utility chambray shirt, it's spectacular and I hope I find one like it at the thrift stores...

Anonymous said...

These are perfect. I don't carry a brief so I need plenty of pockets. A lot of menswear designers fail to note the growing pile of e junk we carry every day.

Two years back, Polo offered a few shirts and cargo pants that provided many pockets. The pants have held up great and are perfect for when you sell at antique shows or flea markets (large bills hide out in a secret pocket behind your knee). I haven't had much luck with the RL's pocketed items - scratchy thread on the interior seams.

Canturbury New Zealand offers great lighter weight jackets with plenty of pockets, but you zip left - not right. Unfortunately, their cargo pants have wider legs then I can wear.

Etro offered linen cargo pants that look fabulous three years after purchase. They make up for the fact that none of those great shirts come with pockets

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I hate pockets because I always fill the urge to fill them with any stuff.

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